Polar man


If you follow the system of 3 layers, you should know that the polar man represents the second layer to stay warm and dry during your physical activities in the mountains.

Located at the top of the technical underwear man and below the men's ski jacket, the fleece can provide all the heat your body needs. The sweater ski man allows you to insulate your body from the cold and the heat, while getting rid of the sweat exits through the first layer. Thanks to its composition, the fleece will dry quickly, thus keeping you always dry ! Very lightweight, this garment is comfortable to wear and leaves you a total freedom of movement, in order not to hinder you in the practice of skiing or snowboarding. Please do not hesitate to consult our guide system of the 3 layers to learn more.

You will find on Precision Ski a wide selection of jackets, men's fleeces, selected from the largest specialty brands in the mountain sports, such as Columbia, Rossignol, Spyder... Very comfortable, the men polar are equipped with finishing practices, such as the adjustable storm hood, side pockets and zip closure. The polar polartec offer from the insulating qualities ideal for you to ensure that sports performance optimal. We chose sweaters more or less thick, in order to adapt to different temperatures, but also to your disciplines preferred.


The BOGNER fleece CHASE has multiple inserts and padded to assist you in all your winter activities. Its sporty look chic is a great place to start on the ski slopes with comfort and elegance. Warm and insulating, it will bring you all the comfort you expect. The VUARNET fleece jacket ROSS is inspired by the outfits of skiing elegant in decades past. Made of stretch fabric, it offers a great freedom of movements. In addition, it can be worn in the city as on the slopes, and to enjoy a good coffee on the terrace. The PROTEST fleece HUMANY is a base layer must for the season. Warm and breathable, it wicks in continuous moisture and captures body heat to never get cold. Lastly, the SPYDER fleece BANDIT and its soft lining will be very nice to wear under a ski jacket. With multiple stretch panels, it follows each of your movements to effectively negotiate your turns.

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