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The traditional ski jacket, such as the Salomon men's ski jacket, is the most common and versatile model. It is suitable for all kinds of ski outings. Its perfect waterproofing, solid seams and underarm ventilation zips (practical for letting in fresh air without having to open your jacket) make it an ideal product for those who wish to invest in a single men's ski jacket.

The Hardshell jacket is aimed more at experienced skiers looking for performance and who enjoy intense skiing at high altitudes, on untouched slopes where powder is king. This jacket is made of a particularly technical fabric such as Gore-Tex or eVent, equipped with solid and waterproof seams and is perfectly adapted to extreme conditions. This technicality is also found on the North Face men's ski jacket. The waterproof zips, adopted by many brands as can be seen on the Rossignol men's ski jackets, prevent moisture from entering through the zippers.

The 3-in-1 jacket is the most versatile ski jacket of all. It is based on a three layer system:

  • A waterproof and breathable outer layer.
  • A warm and insulating middle layer.
  • A warm, thermally regulated inner lining.

It can be split into two jackets that can be joined together by a simple zip and worn together or independently of each other depending on the weather.


The main purpose of a ski jacket is to protect you from the cold, snow and wind, while keeping you dry. You should therefore take into account the type of skiing you do and define your priorities before choosing your outfit. Are you looking for a jacket with excellent cold tolerance, suitable for on or off-piste skiing? Depending on your analysis, your choice will be one of the jackets listed above.


Some manufacturers have developed their own technology but to help you compare the majority of ski jackets are classified with two numbers on the label expressing waterproofness and breathability. Waterproofness is measured in mm Schmerber. To stay dry in all circumstances, choose an index greater than or equal to 10,000 mm. Freeriders and powder enthusiasts will opt for a minimum of 20,000 mm.

Breathability, an essential criterion for skier comfort, is measured in grs/m2/24 hours. In other words, to ensure that sweat is easily evacuated, thus preventing the skier from getting cold, it is recommended to choose a high number of grs, i.e. greater than or equal to 8,000 grs/m2/24H.


Pockets are often useful for carrying various accessories. Pockets are appreciated for leisure skiing. For more serious skiing, it is recommended to opt for a minimalist jacket with one inside and one outside pocket.

The hood, to be chosen adjustable or removable, lined or not according to your preference is present in particular on the Superdry men's ski jacket. The piping is an additional comfort feature that holds the sleeves in place and prevents the cold feeling on the wrists.

The Recco reflector is an electronic device sewn into the jacket that makes it easier to locate a buried person in the event of an avalanche accident.

The cut is up to the individual. Snowboarders and freeriders like a loose fit that allows for layering under the jacket. The slimmer cut is preferred by skiers who don't like to cover up too much and prefer a ski jacket with a more elaborate thermal lining. Some skiers prefer the technical jacket for men.

The snow skirt is a waist protection system that snaps onto the bottom of the ski or snowboard jacket. It avoids the entry of snow or air during the practice and especially in case of fall.

To choose your ski jacket, opt for a waterproof, breathable and warm model that will allow you to ski in all conditions. Don't hesitate to take advantage of good deals with the men's ski jacket sales.

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