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Just as essential as a men's hiking jacket, men's hiking trousers will protect you from the bad weather encountered in the mountains. Designed with more and more innovative materials, the hiking trousers for men protect you from climatic changes in altitude while being ultra-resistant in order to accompany you even in the most difficult access paths! 

Stretchy to give you total freedom of movement but waterproof and breathable at the same time to protect you while preventing you from sweating, hiking trousers for men are essential!


Even if most of the hiking trousers for men can be used for a long hike or for a short walk in the woods, to choose your ski trousers it is important to take into account the use of it. If you are adept at day hiking on different terrains, a simple pair of hiking pant will be ideal.

On the other hand if you practice the excursion over several days, the choice of your trousers is much more important! For long hikes it is necessary to be well equipped! It is preferable to choose synthetic trousers, which will be lighter and will allow a faster evacuation of perspiration. Indeed, the more intense the effort, the more heat your body will produce and therefore the more intense the perspiration, and just as for the choice of a pair of hiking shoes, it is important to be able to evacuate this perspiration to stay dry as long as possible. For this it is important to choose breathable pants with ventilation zones if possible. 

In order to be completely comfortable in your hiking trousers, it is also important to take into account the elasticity of your hiking trousers for men. Often designed with elastane, the stretch trousers will allow you to be free of your movements and thus to be able to crapahuter everywhere whatever the type of ground. 

The lining of your hiking trousers is also important depending on the climate in which you are hiking! In case of low or negative temperatures, choose hiking trousers with a fleece lining in order to obtain a contribution of heat in addition to your body heat! Second solution to keep you warm all day, wear tights or technical underwear for men under your hiking trousers! Be careful with the size of your hiking trousers, you may need to go up a size in order to layer the two layers!

Finally to fight the different weather conditions in altitude it is important to have a waterproof protection on your trousers. Often in the form of a membrane, it will protect you from external humidity without hindering the breathability of your hiking trousers.


If you're not sure whether to wear hiking trousers or hiking shorts, we have the solution! The hybrid hiking pants, pant with a zip above the knee to remove the lower part of the trousers to enjoy a hiking short in seconds! So you can leave in trousers in the morning and wait until the end of the morning to convert them into shorts and enjoy the sun!

Protected, dry and warm thanks to your new hiking trousers for men!

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