Children's ski mask

Why have a children's ski mask?

To ensure that your children get the most out of their skiing days, complete their equipment with a children's ski mask. Essential protection for both sunny and cloudy days.

Choosing a children's ski mask

A children's ski mask is both an accessory and a protection! It protects against UV rays and brightness while leaving an optimal field of vision. Essential to the equipment of a skier, the ski mask for children as the ski mask for adults must be chosen according to several criteria.

The skier's morphology must be taken into account, as adult ski masks are much larger than children's ski masks! Be careful with the size of the mask. The child's ski mask should not be too tight, your child should feel comfortable and be able to wear the mask all day. The mask should be positioned at the temples without constricting the face too much. The right size mask should surround the field of vision without compromising it.

Sunlight plays an important role in the choice of a goggle for children! If you only ski on sunny days, you should choose a category 3 or 4 ski goggle for optimum UV protection, which is more suitable for the light. In this case, the tint of the screen can play an important role, indeed the more the screen will be tinted the stronger the protection will be!

An important criterion when buying a children's ski mask is the anti-fogging treatment! Children are more likely to want to take off and put on the mask than an adult! And the more you remove a mask, the more a layer of fog can form! To counteract this phenomenon, more and more masks are equipped with a double screen, allowing a thermal filter between the cold outside air and the body heat of the face! This filter therefore minimises the formation of fog.

And for your toddlers who wear glasses, don't panic! Just like adult ski goggles, some children's ski goggles are designed to give you extra volume to accommodate your glasses and goggle arms!

Even if they grow up fast, a ski mask can be kept for a long time! The adjustable straps allow you to change the size of the helmet without changing the mask (as long as the mask still fits your child's face). And when it comes to scratches, you should know that most ski mask screens have an anti-scratch treatment! Some children's goggles even have an overhanging frame at the front which limits the contact of the mask with the ground or snow in case of a fall!

And if you want to know more, find out how to choose your ski mask according to several other criteria.

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