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How to choose your skateboard shoes?

Combining optimal performance, protection and maximum comfort, the choice of a pair of skateboarding shoes should be made according to several criteria. Firstly, skateboarding shoes should have a grippy and durable rubber sole for a good grip on the skateboard or longboard. This allows the skateboarder to maintain optimal control when performing tricks and figures. Secondly, to protect the feet from repeated shocks and impacts, skate shoes should be sufficiently padded and reinforced to protect the feet from shocks and abrasions. Finally, skateboarding shoes should offer optimal comfort to allow skaters to practice their sport for long hours. The shoes should fit well, be lightweight and offer good breathability to avoid excessive sweating of the feet.

In summary, choosing quality skateboarding shoes is essential to ensure optimal performance, adequate protection and maximum comfort when playing the sport.

Low profile skateboard shoes

With better cushioning and a low ankle-high shaft, low-profile skateboarding shoes give you total flexibility to attempt an ollie or kickflip. Vans, founded in 1966, quickly became the market leader! Offering urban shoes totally adapted to the practice of skateboarding, Vans skateboard shoes have become a reference for style as well as for performance!

High top skateboard shoes

With a high upper, the high-profile skateboard shoes protect you from shocks and differences in terrain without limiting your movements! Ideal for trying new tricks without fear of hurting your ankle or for skateboarding sessions in the winter! They will keep you warm and limit the sliding effect! So if you are more into high shoes, discover Globe skate shoes. The Australian brand Globe was created in 1994 by three brothers who are passionate about skateboarding, and advocates the freedom and open-mindedness of the skatelife.

Whether you're a skatepark enthusiast or a skateboarding enthusiast, discover all the skateboarding equipment you need to enjoy your favourite sport. For all skateboarding enthusiasts, Precision Ski offers a wide selection of accessories and protections for skateboarding.

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