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The situation we are currently experiencing is a pandemic that has triggered a public health emergency of international concern. Today, it is possible to become infected with the virus without showing any apparent symptoms, such as cough or fever. That is why wearing a protective mask is strongly recommended to protect others from possible infection. In order to avoid any risk of transmission of COVID-19 and thus break the chain of contamination, we invite you to wear a mask that protects you from droplets and particles. The current period we are facing forces us to establish social distancing. But for the purchase of basic necessities, for example, we are obliged to be in contact with others. This is why we offer a wide range of masks to protect you from this coronavirus. 

We are currently facing a worldwide shortage of protective masks, both medical masks and FFPs. This is why many brands specialized in textile have mobilized their research and development department for the manufacture of masks. Thanks to their expertise on fabric fibres and the development process, they participate in the local production of masks and the relief of laboratories. These fabric masks provide highly effective filtration and permeability. Multifunctional, they protect against droplets that can escape when talking, coughing or sneezing.  

Find all our models of protective masks to effectively fight against the spread of COVID-19. Ergonomic, light and breathable, these masks are easy to wear and reduce the risk of oppression or discomfort in everyday life. Some are even compatible with sports activities. Easy to wash, they dry quickly and offer great freedom of movement to ensure a good level of comfort. 


Specialized in the manufacture of technical clothing for sports activities, the Italian brand UYN has designed masks for your everyday life. Thought to optimize your daily comfort, UYN protective masks are made from a very technical fiber, Texlyte Nano. Highly breathable, light and environmentally friendly, this material has water-repellent properties to dry quickly and wick away moisture. In addition, it reduces the risk of friction and tearing to increase its durability.

Discover the COMMUNITY MASK UYN protective mask for a long-lasting fight against the virus and to limit infections. Very pleasant to wear, its ergonomic design fits perfectly to your face while allowing the skin to breathe. In addition, its flexible elastics remain in place without any feeling of discomfort or oppression. Adapted to intense sports efforts, its water-repellent functions will keep you dry and cool.

And for the youngest ones, discover the UYN COMMUNITY MASK KIDS protective mask. Made without seams, it is reusable, washable and fully recyclable!

Please note that these masks are not medical devices. 

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