Lace up your shoes well is essential for a comfortable walk. To add a personal touch, to go hiking or simply to change your style, laces are timeless shoe accessories. For everyday life, your sports activities or simply to add a touch to your style, discover all our shoelaces.


Designed for skateboarding and urban adventure enthusiasts. Discover the VANS shoe laces. Ultra resistant, they will be perfect for your skateboard shoes. Remaining securely in place, they provide support, comfort and precision so you can send your best tricks to the skatepark with confidence. To adopt the VANS street style, grab your sneakers and bring a new look with a pair of laces with an incomparable look!


Good hiking boots are essential. But lacing will be just as important to enhance walking comfort. For backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts, discover the resistance and durability of TIMBERLAND laces. The HIKER ROUND model are mixed and will be suitable for low hiking boots as well as trekking boots. Whether for your everyday life or your outdoor activities, timberland laces will accompany you in all your adventures!


For the practice of sports activities, the lacing of shoes is essential. Not only does it ensure ankle support and stability, but it also contributes to sports performance. Shoelaces for sports shoes reduce the risk of hyper-pressure on the top of the foot as well as friction and blisters. Specially designed for trail shoes, discover SALOMON laces

QUICKLACE laces offer the athlete speed, efficiency and precision. Indeed, they lock very easily and do not hang down to avoid any risk of falling. During a race, you won't stop to tie your laces!

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