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Sports physical complete, the Mountain Bike is seducing more and more practitioners. On trail, freeride or through the forests, the pleasure of driving has no equal. Downhill, enduro or cross-country, the practice of mountain BIKING requires high-quality technical equipment. Tires, MTB helmet , or gloves, each rider has a variety MTB accessories in line with its discipline. The protections BIKING are an integral part of the conduct of the driver. Essential to maximize security and optimize the confidence of the rider, the protections are complementary equipment. They differ depending on the practice and the level of the driver.

Endurance, balance, power and trust, these are the key points to gain in performance by mountain bike. Protections VTT are also involved in the progression in the discipline.


Knees, shins, elbows, every part of the body exposed to falls should be protected, in the same way as the hands or the head.

For practitioners of enduro and all-mountain, search of lightness and the breathability is paramount. Engaged, the driver goes climbs and descents with a constant search for performance but also comfort. For the slopes and face all the obstacles, drivers, enduro favour of under-shorts, knee pads and elbow pads are flexible. The FOX elbow guards LAUNCH PRO will allow you to negotiate corners with confidence. Thanks to the stretch fabric and Kevlar®, the brace stays securely in place while providing you with a total freedom of movement.

For the lovers of the downhill, it is vital to protect the face of the speed and shock that may arise as a result of a fall. For fun downhill, and practice the discipline dramatically, the drivers know that protection is essential when you release the brakes. The protective vest FOX TITAN RACE will be your best ally when descending untrammelled. With his dorsal-built-in, it protects the back but also the chest. It offers a great freedom of movement and stiffen in case of impact. The tracks of DH to take you through the trails and forests where you will encounter different obstacles; rocks, roots, branches... To protect you from natural elements, opt for the shin pads and knee pads FOX. Resistant to abrasions, these protections limit the friction and provide a comfortable steering incomparable.

Whatever your discipline, get on your two wheels and head off to conquer the mountain trails with good protections !

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