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On uneven terrain, on trails or through the fields, the mountain biking is a sport practiced since the 80's in France. Olympic Discipline since 1996, the Mountain Bike quickly attracted a large number of practitioners for its multiple possibilities of ride : cross-country, dirt jumping, downhill, enduro... Since then, many brands have specialized in the manufacture of mountain BIKE and equipment Mountain Bike.

An integral part of the equipment of ATV, just like the mountain bike mask or bike protections, the helmet is an essential element in ensuring the safety of the rider. Downhill, enduro, freeride or slopestyle, whatever your discipline of choice, wearing a helmet is essential to protect the athlete, amateur or professional.

Helmets all-mountain, helmets bowl, or helmets full, all of the discipline does not require the same type of equipment. Helmets bowls have been created for the slopestyle, and the mountain BIKE street. Heavy and airy, they protect, particularly the back of the skull. Practitioners of freeride and enduro are looking for before any lightness. The helmets mountain BIKE all-mountain resemble the helmets worn by the cyclists on the road. Longer at the back, they protect more of the neck of the pilot. As for full face helmets, they are used by riders of a downhill. Hurtling at full speed on a track and avoiding each obstacle, they are looking for a lightweight helmet, protecting a maximum of body surface area (skull and face).


The helmet mountain BIKE classic helmet ATV full for the amateurs of strong sensations, the helmets adapt to the disciplines. Helmets for mountain BIKING are made of rigid materials, but they allow the helmet to deform in the event of falls in order to limit the sequelae. It is therefore recommended that practitioners of downhill to choose a full face helmet !

The practice of downhill requires commitment, technique and sense of control. Throughout the descent, the rider encounter roots, rocks, bumps, and other natural obstacles. Has any speed, the falls that occur are impressive, therefore, the driver must equip a helmet mountain BIKE full face to protect his skull, but also his neck. The MTB FOX helmet PROFRAME MOTH will take to the tracks safely. Reducing the risk of shock thanks to the protection system MIPS, it guarantees lightness and breathability for the comfort of the drivers. The helmet ATV 100% STATUS is used both by the practitioners of the enduro downhill. Featuring a fiberglass shell and a padded interior, it keeps the head cool while providing maximum protection against impacts.

Designed for slopestyle, the helmet ATV FOX FLIGHT EYECON absorbs shock while providing a good support during tricks. For all the daredevils, opt for a helmet combining great ventilation, protection and technology.

Used by drivers of downhill but also of a bike, the KENNY RACING MTB helmet offers a clean design and profile is very aggressive. With multiple air intakes, it drains effectively and sustainably moisture while absorbing considerably of the shock.

Enduro, downhill or freeride, run on the mountain trails and go to the conquest of new sensations with a helmet mountain BIKING !

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