Climbing shoes

It is at the end of the 19th century that the first feats of climbing are made. If mountaineering has been recognized for several centuries, the discipline of rock climbing develops throughout the 20th century. Today, on block artificial as on a cliff, the discipline requires a specific equipment. An integral part of the equipment of the discipline, the slipper climbing is essential to the practice, such as climbing ropes.

Rock climbing indoor or outdoor, you will need slippers in order to maximize the adhesion to the wall.


Recognized for their camber, the climbing shoes have the distinction of having an aggressive look to claw catches in cant. In effect, technical and precise climbing shoes must be chosen carefully to take full advantage of the joys of climbing. Just like the rest of the material, the slippers are assets for you to gain in performance and help you reach the top of the wall. First of all it is important to determine your practice. In fact, there are different types of slippers to join the best in your practice : block, block, artificial, cliff, and great way.

Cliff, it is important to take into account the stiffness of the shoe because it will be key for vertical walls in order to gain precision. For the track cant, the preference is for a shoe more flexible in order to optimize the signature of taken. On block, you can use as much shoe flexible a shoe is rigid, it all depends on the shape of the sockets. For fans of big ways, these are slippers that are typed mountain that are highly recommended by the specialty brands in the equipment outdoor. Slippers performance, combining technology and comfort to enjoy a long-time preferred between the cliffs and the climber. Finally, to all the climbers in the room, it all depends on their practice, and if they have any aspirations outdoor.


Indoor or outdoor, rock climbing is a discipline that requires equipment pointed to adhere better to the wall. Just like the climbing helmet, the liners protects you and helps you to climb with confidence. Has laces, velcro or ballerina, the slipper climbing brings you stability, precision and technique. It is not necessary, therefore, not choose it lightly!!!

The climbing shoes have a gum that is the key element between the rigidity and the adhesion to the taken. It is this insole that provides sensations to the climber, and then becomes the essential issue when buying. The tip of the liner is chosen in function of the morphology of his foot, Greek, egyptian or square). In order to maximize the comfort and performance of the climber, it differs according to the practice. It is also essential for the choice of your shoe to take into consideration the edges and the heel.

For all beginner climbers, opt for the climbing shoes MILLET EASY UP. Ensuring grip and durability, they are donned easily thanks to the two velcro closures. Relatively flexible, they will facilitate learning and progress during climbs vertical.

To climbers casual, the MILLET climbing shoes LD CLIFFHANGER will respond to their expectations. Thanks to the three velcro fasteners, they provide precision, performance and evolution track, block, or in the dining room. With multiple pads, they will guarantee you the comfort you need to catch the next hold !

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