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Snowboarding requires balance, flexibility, but also strength in the legs. Originated in the 1960s in the United States, the snowboard is the encounter between the ski - of scandinavian origin -and surfing - from Hawaii -. Combining these two practices, the snowboard does not appeal immediately. It was in 1980 that the practice takes a real turning point because it is officially included in the Olympic Games of Nagano.

Rich in thrills, snowboarding today includes several disciplines such as freeride or freestyle. Each snowboard has its own characteristics that are very specific to make living a unique experience of gliding.


To take advantage of a slip optimum throughout the winter season, you will definitely need several accessories snowboard tools and.

The screwdriver BURTON will slip easily in the pocket of your ski pants. With multiple tips, it is easy to use and will allow you to quickly adjust your bindings snow. To have everything on hand, equip yourself the toolkit BURTON MTN ESSENTIALS. Versatile, it allows you to maintain in a blink of an eye your snowboard. On the inside you find a set of screws, the wax or a scraper-plastic.? Whether you're at home or in the middle of a track, repair your equipment with ease.

To prevent slipping and to keep the balance, don't forget to wedge in between your snowboard boots , the pad VOLCOM STONE STOMP. On a t-bar or the arrival of a ski-slope, this pad has an adhesive side will allow you to prop your foot on the board while keeping a good grip. No skidding more with pad DAKINE CIRCLE MAT. Keep a cool attitude in any circumstance ! Easy to install, it will quickly become indispensable during your sessions ride.

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