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Running and trail cap: an essential piece of equipment

Protecting yourself from the sun, rain and splashes: the cap has multiple functions. Which models to choose for running? Discover the criteria to be taken into account when choosing a trail and running cap, to protect yourself effectively in all seasons on running, trail and outdoor outings.

Why is the cap essential when running?

Above all, we should pay attention to the basic rules when running, how to ensure good hydration, avoid the sun at its zenith, and think about sun cream. As far as equipment is concerned, you can opt for a Salomon trail cap or an Adidas running cap, which are always very useful in more than one way: of course, they play a role in sun protection, avoiding heatstroke and sunburn on the head (for those with a bald head!). The cap is very effective for keeping cool, by passing it under cold water as soon as you cross a water point. Acting as a sun visor, the trail visor is interesting to counter direct sunlight and avoid glare. This accessory is also a good way to run in the rain or in gusty winds, limiting discomfort. The cap also absorbs perspiration, avoiding sweat drops in the eyes. Remember to have it screwed tightly on your head when taking finish photos on your runs: the best way to camouflage a hairdo in a mess!

How to choose the right trail cap?

Comfortable, it should not represent a constraint; instead, look for a light cap with few seams. The Trail Buff cap, for example, has the advantage of being foldable, finding its place easily in a running belt: perfect in uncertain weather conditions. In terms of fit and support, the drawstring or adjustable band are assets to take advantage of an adjustment adapted to the morphology of the skull. Let's not forget the breathability aspect: the models dedicated to endurance sports allow quick drying, with a mesh offering optimal ventilation. The best ranges of caps are truly running caps: their materials, fabrics and technologies effectively counter all weather conditions.

Models for every need

Rather light running headband or ultra-covering Trail Raidlight cap? Between the two, aim for the all-purpose cap that guarantees good protection, like the trucker version (baseball-style cap with curved visor). Its only downside is the comfort aspect when worn with a headlamp, but choosing a model adapted to your precise needs can solve any discomfort. If the sun doesn't shine a lot, a small running cap will be sufficient. The ideal is a model capable of protecting from the sun and rain, and allowing you to wear a lamp without it being painful on a trail (in this case, we will look at the various existing strap systems). For visors, the flat or curved option is mainly a matter of individual preference and style, as long as the materials are sufficiently breathable.

What accessories are available to complete your equipment?

Certain running accessories are beneficial to improve sensations and comfort on the road/trail. Here you will find a range of light and functional accessories designed to carry what you need. You will find glasses, caps, hats, gloves, gloves, necklaces, or even bright and reflective technical clothing. Don't miss out on comfortable shoes adapted to the type of terrain and your stride, and enjoy connected watches, water bottles and trail backpacks. Equip yourself reliably for your running and trail sessions, with products adapted to your morphology.

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