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Trail: a race in the nature

Overtaking the trails, reaching the summits, the trail running is a discipline with multiple benefits. Good for the body and spirit, the practice of the trail requires physical skills that will get you to the heart of the nature. Run a long time on various terrains or on surfaces that are rocky, the running in the mountains allows you to build endurance while discovering the breathtaking landscapes.

On the steep trails of the mountains, run with confidence with the right equipment. If the trail backpacks, the bladder or the running trail caps are essential for the trail, the outfit is just as important. Shorts, tights or bike shorts, trail running, requires clothing to be both functional and comfortable, resistant to changing weather conditions and movements. Path, forest, roots, rocks, racing at altitude are replete with obstacles to overcome with ease. In order to survive the weather, beat the clock and build up the technical descents, shorts and compression garments will be true allies.

Choosing your men's trail shorts

If you're looking for men's trail shorts, you're in luck! There are many options on the market, ranging from ultra-light shorts for fast running to those that offer more support for longer runs.

When choosing trail shorts, it's important to consider several key factors, including comfort, durability and breathability. You will also want to consider the specific characteristics of the trail you will be running on.

First, let's talk about comfort. The shorts you choose should be comfortable enough that you can wear them for long periods of time without feeling chafed or uncomfortable. Trail shorts made from stretchy materials can help maximise freedom of movement, while shorts with a mesh lining offer breathability and extra support.

Secondly, durability is also important. Trail shorts should be able to withstand the elements, scratches and tears. Shorts made from tough technical materials can help ensure durability and weather resistance.

Breathability is also essential to avoid overheating during the race. Trail shorts with mesh panels or breathable materials can help wick away sweat and keep your body cool during races.

In terms of specific trail characteristics, you'll want to consider the length of the shorts based on the temperature and conditions of the trail. If you're running on trails with brush or low-hanging branches, longer shorts can offer extra protection against scratches.

Finally, think about the pocket or storage space you may need. If you're running long distances, you may need shorts with enough pockets to store food, water and other essential gear.

Short trail: to face all obstacles

Ultra-light, the COMPRESSPORT men's shorts RACING will be enjoyed for its comfort. Designed to accompany you in your goals, it is essential for the intensive efforts and the races extreme. With the latest technology it wicks away continuous moisture while staying in place. As for the RAIDLIGHT shorts TRAIL RAIDER, it keeps you dry throughout your run. Featuring multiple pockets, it allows you not to carry a backpack. In addition, it has a net in order to reduce the risk of irritation. Made of breathable mesh, the shorts SALOMON TRAIL running RUNNER provides you with breathability and extensibility. Very comfortable thanks to its elasticated waistband, it follows each of your movements to run still longer and more high. The short MILLET LTK INTENSE has been thought to bring a fluidity and a resistance to the practitioner. Ideal for fast hiking and acceleration, it is very lightweight and will accompany you even in the passages in the techniques.

To optimize the comfort during a trail and reduce the irritation or any discomfort, go for the COMPRESSPORT trail short TRAIL UNDER CONTROL. Optimizing the oxygenation of the muscles, this compression shorts limit the shocks and guarantee an excellent grip on the thighs. The X-BIONIC short EFFEKTOR will improve your performance thanks to its numerous technologies. Optimizing endurance and recovery, it exerts a pressure targeted on the muscles for a better refresh.

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