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Choosing your trail shirt

Choosing the right equipment is essential for any sporting activity, and this also applies to trail running. T-shirts are a key part of your running gear, as they protect your skin from chafing and excessive sweating. In this article, we'll give you some tips on how to choose the perfect t-shirt for your next trail run.

- Fabric

Fabric is an important factor to consider when choosing a t-shirt for trail running. You'll want to opt for a moisture-wicking fabric to keep you dry and comfortable throughout the race. Synthetic fabrics such as polyester and elastane are popular for running shirts, as they wick moisture quickly and dry quickly.

- Fit

A comfortable fit is important for your trail shirt. A shirt that is too tight can restrict your movement and cause chafing, while one that is too loose can cause chafing from excessive movement. Choose a shirt that fits your body well and does not restrict your movement.

- Sleeve length

The choice of sleeve length depends on your personal preference and the weather conditions. Short-sleeved shirts are popular for summer trail runs, while long-sleeved shirts are more suitable for autumn or winter trail runs. You can also opt for a t-shirt with raglan sleeves for better mobility.

- Colour

The colour of the shirt may seem insignificant, but it can have an impact on your trail running experience. Light coloured shirts can keep you cooler by reflecting the sun's rays, while darker shirts absorb heat. If you are running at night or in foggy conditions, opt for a brightly coloured shirt to be more visible to other runners.

In conclusion, choosing the right t-shirt for trail running can enhance your running experience by keeping you comfortable and dry throughout the race. By considering factors such as fabric, fit, sleeve length and colour, you can find the perfect shirt for your next trail run.

Men's Trail Jersey: running while staying cool

An integral part of the equipment of the discipline, the t-shirt trail must meet certain criteria that are expected by the practitioner. Because sometimes it takes a run by the heat, on sometimes rough trails and for several hours, it is strongly recommended to wear a t-shirt or a shirt trail lightweight and ventilate. Evacuant moisture and remaining close to the body, the t-shirt of the trail accompanies your movements while providing you the comfort to be adequate.

The jersey trail MILLET LTk SEAMLESS has been thought and designed for the practice of hiking, and especially trail running. Featuring a half zip, it allows you to cool off during a effort sports supported. Removing effectively the moisture, it keeps you dry and cool throughout the day. Finally, thanks to the treatment Polygiene, it durably protects bacteria and unpleasant smells to ensure you an optimal comfort.

To assist you in your races at altitude, go for the t-shirt trail ADIDAS CLIMALITE. Ideal both for the trail for long hikes in the mountains, it has a good ventilation thanks to the Climalite technology. Perspiration is quickly evacuated through the fabric of active carbon. Close to the body, it will follow your every move while providing a great sensation of freedom.

Finally, the t-shirt RAIDLIGHT ULTRALIGHT seduce the traileurs and ultra-traileurs the most demanding. Thanks to the technology DryLight, it offers a very short drying time and regulates body temperature to boost your performance. Made of fine mesh and with flat seams, it is very comfortable to wear and reduces the risk of irritation if you wear a backpack.

Men's Trail T-shirt: maximum freedom

In order to maximize your physical performance, opt for the jersey of trail COMPRESSPORT TRAIL RUNNING. As a true concentrate of technologies, it is recommended for the best extreme races. Ensuring a breakdown in any circumstance, it drains continuous moisture while keeping your back in an optimal position. Reach the finish line with a jersey boosting your performance.

The ARC'TERYX t-shirt CORMAC is both lightweight and breathable. Thanks to its fabric dries quickly, it keeps you dry and cool during exercise sports.

With inserts and breathable, the MILLET t-shirt LTK SEAMLESS, ultra-resistant. Take on the terrain more steep and rugged terrain with confidence with a t-shirt to the strategic properties. Thanks to an excellent transfer of moisture, you stay focused on the race without feeling any discomfort or encumbrance.

By very hot weather, opt for the ADIDAS tank top AGRAVIC. Explore new horizons with a maximum of freedom of movements while remaining in the sec. In addition, it has been made from recycled waste, then made a gesture to the environment !

A Running backpack as a trail men's shorts is essential to boost performance. Essential equipment for the practice, trail, trail running or ultra-trail running, check out all our t-shirts man and go to al conquest of the trails in the altitude !

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