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More than simple accessories trail, the headbands, and visors quickly find to be indispensable to its practitioners. Because the running in the mountains, in any season, its equipment is evolving to adapt to climate change. In summer, it protects from the sun, and we look for the breathability, while in winter it protects from the cold and wind. In order to find the material most suited to your practice, discover a range of headbands and visors that is selected by Precision Ski in order to enjoy in any season of the trail.


In the middle of winter or early in the morning, the temperatures can be cooler, especially at altitude. If the practice of the trail requires the technical equipment to make progress, trail shoes, water pockets... it is also essential to protect the head from outside elements.

The headband BUFF HEADBAND ULTIMATE will accompany you in all your sporting activities. Extremely expandable, it has a anti-bacterial in order to maximize the comfort of the athlete. It dries quickly, it keeps you dry and cool throughout the effort. In addition, it has a protection against the rays of the sun in order to stay focused on your goals. When the headband COMPRESSPORT HEADBAND NEON, it has been designed to meet the demands of the trail. Its ventilated mesh wicks moisture away and improves air circulation. Very pleasant to wear, it stays securely in place to offer you total freedom of movement. For total support of your hair, check out the 3 pack head bands DYNAFIT. Their finish silicone adheres perfectly, even in the case of sweating. Nothing will drag !


Regardless of the outside temperature, the intensity of the sport or the distance travelled, it is essential that the trailer be in possession of accessories lightweight and rugged. Without slipping or rubbing, the visor of trail is quickly forgotten when you wear it ! Air, breathable and quick-drying the visor has become the accessory n°2 of the trails in the summer.

Designed for all riders who are demanding, check out the visor COMPRESSPORT ULTRALIGHT. To meet the requirements of the trails to the extreme, long-distance and sporting efforts intense, it combines technology and comfort. With a bandwidth anti-perspiring, as well as a ventilation system, it keeps you cool dry to enhance your sporting performance. It dries quickly, it stays in place while fighting bacteria and odors. Ultra-compact, the visor BUFF RUN package stores easily in your trail backpack or in the pocket. Very extensible, it protects against UV rays while wicking moisture away. With an elasticated waistband to stay in place, the DYNAFIT visor REACT will be your favorite accessory of the summer. Breathability, fast drying and good hold, it offers you all the features necessary for the practice of trail-running as well as an incredible lightness to not feel it when you wear it.

Headband or visor, protect yourself from the outdoor elements during your shopping in the middle of nature and improve your performance in sports !

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