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What is trail running?

Trail running is a running activity in a natural environment, often over rough and difficult terrain. To ensure a safe and successful trail running experience, it is essential to have the right equipment. In this article, we will review the main elements of trail running equipment.

- Trail shoes

Women's trail shoes are probably the most important piece of trail equipment. They must be designed to cope with rough terrain, rocks, roots, puddles, etc. They also have a sole that adheres to the ground. They also have a sole that grips well on wet or muddy surfaces, which helps reduce the risk of slipping and falling. Trail shoes often have extra protection for the toes, as trail runners are often confronted with obstacles such as rocks or stumps. It is important to find trail shoes that suit your foot shape and running style.

- Trail socks

Trail socks are also important, as they should provide good support and comfort to avoid chafing and blisters. Trail socks are often thicker than regular running socks and are designed to wick away sweat and keep feet dry. Compression socks can also help prevent injury and improve circulation.

- Trail clothing

Trail clothing should be comfortable and allow for freedom of movement. Technical fabrics are often used to wick away sweat and keep the body dry. Trail runners also need to be prepared for changing weather conditions, so it is important to have clothing that is appropriate for the season, such as a waterproof and breathable trail jacket.

- Hydration bags

Trail runners should always be well hydrated, especially when out in the wilderness. Hydration packs are designed to allow runners to carry water or energy drinks without having to stop. Hydration packs also often have pockets for food, a change of clothes, or accessories such as sunglasses or a headlamp.

- Trail poles

Trail poles are an option for runners who want extra support on the most challenging terrain. They can help reduce leg fatigue and improve balance and stability on steep terrain. Trail poles can also be used to help cross streams or difficult passages.

Women's Trail Shorts: going higher and higher

Attractive each year, more and more practitioners, the trail-running is the shape of a foot race who knows the greatest enthusiasm. In altitude, in the heart of nature, the trail takes the riders higher and higher. In a natural environment, on uneven terrain, slopes or on the trails, the trail is a real race in complete freedom. Surrounded by magnificent landscapes, the practitioners are in harmony with the environment. To find oneself, to push his limits, get out of its comfort zone, these are all intense emotions that come with the trail.

The trail produces incredible sensations and requires a certain physical effort. In addition, the weather changes quickly in the middle of the mountains, and it is therefore essential, before starting the preparation of the trail backpack ! For this, you can find our caps trail woman, trail women's t-shirtsl and all the trail accessories on our site.

Women's trail shorts: an ally in the effort

Specifically designed for the practice of the trail, the shorts ODLO OMNIUS is recommended for this intensive sport. Accompanying your every movement, this short trail woman is made of stretch fabric to provide no discomfort. It dries quickly, it provides you with a good level of comfort during your race.

The corsair COMPRESSPORT UNDER CONTROL is both comfortable and lightweight. Ensuring a better oxygenation of the muscles, it restricts the shock and reduces muscle fatigue. His areas ventilated areas behind the knees helps you stay cool and dry during exercise sports. In addition, his lap belt keeps you in a good position and helps you to pass you. To run light, opt for the shorts trail women RAIDLIGHT TRAIL RAIDER. Very soft, it wicks away continuous moisture to avoid discomfort. Respecting the female anatomy, it has inserts stretch to give you maximum freedom of movement.

Very resistant, the short trail ADIDAS MOUNTAIN FLY and its Climalite technology regulates body temperature. Wicking sweat, it keeps you cool even during effort sport very intense. Finally, the SCOTT trail short and will leave you free of all your movements. Featuring a lining of a very light, cross the natural obstacles with confidence.

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