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Choosing your trail equipment

Trail running is an outdoor sport that requires good preparation and the right equipment to ensure safe and efficient running. Indeed, the terrain used in trail races can be very rough, with significant differences in altitude, stony paths, streams, tree roots, etc. It is therefore crucial to choose the right trail equipment to avoid injury and optimise performance.

The choice of trail equipment depends largely on the type of terrain, the distance of the race, the weather conditions and the skill level of the runner. Trail shoes, for example, need to be strong enough to withstand impact and friction, yet light enough not to weigh down the runner's foot. It is also important to choose a sole that is adapted to the nature of the terrain to ensure good grip and stability.

Trail clothing should also be adapted to the weather conditions. If the race takes place in the hot sun, it is best to wear light, breathable clothing that protects against UV rays. On the other hand, if it is cold, you should cover yourself with warm, but also breathable clothing to avoid the accumulation of sweat that can lead to hypothermia.

In addition to trail shoes and clothing, it is essential to choose a backpack adapted to trail running. It must be light, strong, comfortable, and must be able to carry water, food, a first aid kit, a survival blanket, a headlamp, etc.

In short, choosing the right trail equipment is crucial to guarantee safe and efficient practice. One should not hesitate to invest in quality equipment to avoid injury and optimise performance. Runners should also be aware that trail running in the mountains or in the wilderness involves risks, so it is advisable to be trained, to respect the safety rules and to adapt to the weather conditions and the state of the terrain.

Women's Trail Clothing : for the performance

Intensive activity in nature, trail running is a discipline that requires good physical condition but above all adequate equipment. Whether you're trailing or ultra-trailing, these high-altitude races are being prepared upstream. In the midst of sumptuous landscapes, the trail is a real physical challenge. You are playing on unstable, steep and uneven terrain in order to surpass yourself while managing your effort. This demanding discipline requires durable, quality equipment that follows your every move. Women's trail pants are designed to respect the anatomy and give you maximum freedom during your run. For complete equipment, check out our women's running shoes to take on any type of terrain, as well as women's trail t-shirts and women's trail jackets to overcome all obstacles.

Which trail trousers to choose?

When choosing your trail trousers as a woman, there are several important criteria to consider to ensure a comfortable and safe experience. Here are some of the key elements to consider in order to find the right trail trousers for you:

- Breathability

Trail trousers should be breathable to prevent sweat build-up and maintain optimal body temperature during exercise. Trousers made from breathable technical fabrics such as Gore-Tex or DryVent are particularly suitable for use in the mountains or in hot weather.

- Resistance

When trail running, you may come into contact with elements such as tree branches, rocks or bushes. It is therefore important that your trail trousers are abrasion and tear resistant.

- Freedom of movement

Trail trousers should allow you a great deal of freedom of movement to help you climb or run without feeling restricted. Trousers that have stretchy materials like elastane are excellent for this.

- Protection from the elements

Trousers should protect you from the elements such as wind, rain or snow. Trousers designed with waterproof or water-resistant fabrics such as Gore-Tex are very useful to avoid getting wet or cold.

- Practicality

The trousers must be practical and functional to facilitate trail running. It is important to have pockets with zips to easily store your personal belongings and keep them safe throughout the race.

Women's Trail Running : pants & tights

The SALOMON women trail tight AGILE will be a real second skin. Ideal for your running activities, it tracks your every move while reducing the feeling of discomfort and irritation. In addition, its flat seams and breathability will be appreciated by the most demanding runners! With the THE NORTH FACE trail legging PULSE CROP, you'll never run like you used to. Very comfortable, it provides continuous ventilation to remove moisture with each step. Featuring FlashDry™ technology, it keeps your body dry and cool so you stay focused on your goals. The COMPRESSPORT trail tight privateer has been specially designed to improve muscle oxygenation. Indeed, its compression technology absorbs shocks and optimizes comfort to help you achieve your goal. Thigh grip, hydrophobic fiber and quick drying, all the ingredients put together for a successful run! To run at altitude in any season, opt for the RAIDLIGHT women's trail tight RAIDER. Very stretchy, it has multiple panels to optimize comfort and freedom of movement. Ensuring continuous ventilation, it keeps you cool and dry even during an intense sporting effort. Finally, it has multiple pockets to have only the essentials on you. 

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