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Be in the heart of the nature, paths, overtaking, there are many reasons to put you to the trail. This discipline combines the benefits of the mountain to physical skill, pushing it to self-transcendence. Strengthening the cardio-vascular system, the trail-running and increasing respiratory capacity through the idyllic landscapes.

In order to gain skills, work goals and develop the body, several brands have designed watches of the trail so-called smart. To measure, share and improve the effort sports, they are more than simple trail accessories. Analyzing the races, informing on the heart rate and measuring the terrain, the traileurs access at a glance to valuable information on their career paths. Rider beginner or expert trail-running watches GPS is intended for all athletes seeking to improve their performance.


In order to achieve your goals and boost your efforts, it is essential to have on his wrist a watch cardio GPS connected. Offering many features, they offer important information for the athlete.

Training partner adopted by many athletes, the SUUNTO SPARTAN SPORTS is an expert on the market. With a GPS function, it offers a great visual comfort thanks to its touch screen. Waterproof, it has about 80 modes sports and detailed information visible at a glance. Analyses of training, maps, routes, this watch offers many of the features of where his expertise sports. Finally, his autonomy will allow you to run with confidence and exceed your limits !

Ideal for the trail, the GPS watch, SUUNTO AMBIT3 VERTICAL you will follow to reach the summits. Analyzing your performance in altitude, it is possible to plan your recovery after a big effort in sports. In addition, it saves your progress vertical in order to give you the maximum information on your profile trailer. Through its monitoring of elevation change, prepare effectively your workouts while keeping an eye on your heart rate.

Multi-sport, the SUUNTO AMBIT3 SPORT has been designed for swimming, running or cycling. Offering multiple features such as GPS, speed and distance traveled or the time of recovery, it is the ally of the most reckless ! Indispensable for athletes preparing for a competition, she you will only boost in your performance and you will experience all-new sports experience.

In training or in competition, equip a watch, the trail to track your progress, plan your recovery and gain confidence !

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