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For all lovers of adventure and wilderness enthusiasts of shipments, it is important to always have access to the equipment during outdoor activities. In order to be prepared for any eventuality and to take no risks, never go in a hostile environment without having first chosen the right survival equipment based on your output. Hiking, trekking, camping, whatever your activity, the survival gear can save you life in case of dangerous situations or unforeseen.

Hungry for wild nature, never leave home without a survival kit. Bringing together the tools of the first necessity, they have been designed in order to accompany you in your escapades, to the sea or the mountain.

The SURVIVE OUTDOORS LONGER survival kit ORIGIN brings all the tools and accessories to compensate for an unforeseen situation. Compass, lights fire, wire, or knife, thanks to this small survival kit, you set off on your trip more serene. As for the survival pack a POCKET SURVIVAL PAK, it will be the best ally of a globe-trotter. Report your position, create a shelter or fish with tools designed for survival in nature. And for not having a cold, made a fire with the kit lit fire to SURVIVE OUTDOORS LONGER FIRE LITE. Containing pieces of tinder and a lighter, let out the flames, not even wet weather.


Reliable, light and durable, with a survival equipment is not improvised. An adventure in nature can be prepared in advance. Select all tools and survival kit are essential to slip into your backpack before you leave.

To cope with a changing time or awaiting rescue at the shelter, opt for the RAIDLIGHT rain poncho SAFETY. Adapting to all morphologies, it is ultra-light and fits easily in the backpack. Ideal for your outings in the mountains, it protects from outside elements and will be your best ally in altitude.

Protecting yourself from the heat as from the cold, the survival blanket FERRINO is the key to all the fighters. A sunstroke or hypothermia can happen at any time, especially in high altitude or during a long hike. Can also serve as the cover, this cover waterproof and windproof you don't clutter up.

Knife, pliers, multi-tool, your survival equipment must absolutely contain a sharp, strong, and versatile. Cross the obstacles and battle against unpredictable elements with the LEATHERMAN multifonctional tool OHT. With several knives, a can opener, screwdriver or pliers, this tool is made of stainless steel will withstand all the trials. Fold-out in one hand, all of these functions you will be greatly useful in the wild.

No matter what your activity outdoor, that you go a day or a week, an adventure can be unpredictable. You may encounter obstacles, and the weather is changing or will face a dangerous situation. This is why Precision Ski has selected for you all of these survival tools to assist you in your upcoming expeditions.

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