Water bottle and Insulated water Bottle


In the open air and during a effort sports, it is essential to think about the snacks and-most importantly-hydration. Flasks or vacuum bottles, they easily slip into your backpack to accompany you in everyday life as in your escapades in nature.

Reusable and foldable, the ELEMENTERRE water bottle PURE WATER will be the star of your hikes ! Easy to carry, it will quickly be forgotten once it is empty. Hang it to your bag and enjoy a water bottle is lightweight and BPA-free.

Pastel colors and an original design, this is what qualifies the MIZU water bottle. Thoughts for a better respect of the environment, they were created by a snowboarder to meet the needs of athletes. Reusable, they have been manufactured from recycled materials and sustainable. They will be this summer for the best allied fighters !

With a look more sportswear, fall for the SUPERDRY water bottle. Original, they follow you in all your sporting activities and you hydrate in a blink of an eye. Thanks to their rubber coating and cap tight, the gourds SUPERDRY provide you with a good held in the hand and even to drink while moving !

Because there is no age for adventure, the explorers have a right to their bottles with printed with cool and fun ! Check out the water bottles NALGENE designed exclusively for children. Very light, they easily slip into their backpack. Very resistant, they are waterproof and durable and are manufactured from recycled products.


To enjoy a good cup of coffee after long hours of walking or enjoy a cool drink, you just have to slide in your bag and an insulated bottle. Designed to keep you warm as the cold of your favorite drinks, and it is recommended for trekking, travel and camping trips !

With designs that are colorful and original, the gourds isothermal MIZU will keep long hours for your drinks. Guaranteed BPA-free, they are completely recyclable and help reduce our ecological footprint.

With the bottle insulated PICTURE ORGANIC, in summer as in winter, enjoy your hot beverage wherever you are. At the top of a mountain, at the seaside or on the slopes, it will guarantee you a closure anti-leakage thanks to its double cover.

In the mood for a cocktail, a beer or a good coffee in the wilderness ? It is now possible with the kit shaker STANLEY ADVENTURE HAPPY HOUR. In hiking or camping, spend time with friends as you prepare your best cocktail using a press of lemon, cocktail glasses and a cocktail shaker. Not only does it guard nearly 4 hours your ice-cold drink, but it slips very easily into your backpack to take it on all your escapades ! To enjoy a beer wherever you are, check out the quart STANLEY CLASSIC VACUUM. Very resistant, it has a bottle opener and is fully insulated and waterproof. Its small format is very convenient to take it along on your next adventures !

Flasks or vacuum bottles, skip the step and choose a mode of hydration is more in harmony with the environment !

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