Climbing Accessories


Of the hemp ropes with grappling hooks, climbing has gone through the centuries in search of exploration and adventure in altitude. If the first climbing listed dates back to 1492, a new ascent is written every day since. The Mont-Aiguille, Mont Blanc, the Matterhorn, the mountain climbers of the world continue to dream the lovers and enthusiasts of the discipline. In order to reach to your tower the highest summits, you need to train !

For all fans of rock climbing outdoor and explorers, Precision Ski has selected the technical equipment necessary to meet the snow-capped peaks, winter or summer. The CAMP climbing spikes STALKER will be indispensable for hiking in glacier. With multiple teeth, they adapt to all footwear enable you to overcome the obstacles in altitude and go on terrain frozen. Edge grip, stability and flexibility, they are resistant to climatic conditions the most extreme for experience outdoor unique. In order to operate safely on icy hills slightly inclined, opt for the studs CAMP ICE MASTER GRIGIO. Thanks to the forward part of the articulated, they allow you to move without any discomfort on the most rugged. Their twelve tips offer precision, stability and security for your next excursion.

To reach the summits, it is sometimes necessary to venture outside on roads with steep slopes. Some accessories are essential to ensure that you, such as carabiners, ropes, or climbing straps .

The ice axe CAMP CORSA has been designed to accompany you for your climbs in recreation as for contests. Lightweight and easily manoeuvrable, it will help you through the ridges and reach the summit safely. And to cross the snowfields, which persist in summer, the ice axe CAMP NEVE and his cut aggressively, will be robust and effective. Pruning of the markets easily and pull yourself up to the top for amazing views !


Via ferrata, mountaineering, climbing, indoor, whatever your discipline, technical equipment and robust is essential to experience the joys of climbing.

To ensure the safety of his climbing companion, but also to evolve on a via ferrata, check out the gloves of climbing, the BLACK DIAMOND CRAG HALF-FINGER. Essential to prevent the burns of the ropes, they are also recommended to move the modules into the via ferrata and to optimize the traction to overcome the obstacles. Light, they discharge effectively the moisture, and you will protect from wear and tear due to the reinforcements on the strategic areas.

In order to carry the equipment with ease, check out the BLACK DIAMOND climbing bag GYM. Ultra resistant, it will allow you to carry slippers, ropes and harnesses and will give you comfort thanks to its padded strap. With a bag of climbing, make it easy for you to travel and take advantage of the avenues open to you !

With a carpet, the BEAL rope bag COMBI is appreciated for its practicality and its capacity. It allows you to easily transport your rope from route to route without putting everything back in the bag. Thus, enjoy more time of your climbs !

Also check out the accessories climbing indispensable to the practice for a maximum of fun indoor or outdoor. Belay system, insurer to assist braking, lanyard, find on our website all the technical equipment to evolve on the safe lane.

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