Strap climbing


If the 19th century marks the development of mountaineering and first ascents, it is in the 20th century that we are witnessing the birth and to the democratization of the climbing.

This is Pierre Allain, who is going to take a major role in the improvement of the climbing equipment. Called the “father of modern climbing”, he was the first mountaineer to ride the ascents mythical but also the first to rock climbing, the “little sister” of mountaineering. Recognized as the best of his generation, he is the origin of climbing shoes but also accessories today essential to the practice. Both physical and mental, the discipline of rock climbing is attracting more and more followers and strong personalities will stand out. Climbing, free climbing, sport rock climbing block, this discipline is no longer a simple training for the preparation to climbing a mountain but really a sports activity to a full.


Ideal to triangulate relays, straps, climbers are versatile and will follow you throughout your progression.

Ultra-resistant, the straps of climbing have been designed to meet different needs, such as the extension of an anchor or a component of a quickdraw. In fact, the strap is used for its joint function between the carabiners to each side, so as to form a quickdraw. Facilitating climbing for the climber's head, the straps are extremely rigid and are used both in rock climbing as in mountaineering. Static, they can be used throughout the channel but are not adapted to absorb the shocks.

The BLACK DIAMOND straps RUNNER of 60 or 120 cm are multifunctional. Hook it to your harness and launch you to attack climbs vertical. Thanks to its straps, install a relay, or even lengthen your anchor point to improve your comfort on the way. The straps or rings of mooring CAMP EXPRESS RING 60 to 120 cm will ensure accuracy and solidity, same strain. Webbing, they provide rigidity and handling characteristics to be safe for use during your progression.

To climb with quality equipment, don't forget to bring with you a climbing helmet or ropes and other carabiners and quickdraws to help you in belaying.

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