It is at the end of the 19th century that the first ascents in the mountains took place. The pioneers in mountain climbing practice rock climbing and consider this discipline as a training to reach greater heights. It will have to wait 50 years to see the democratization of this practice with many openings to rooms in the cities and the discovery of new climbing routes. Today, theclimbing shelter many disciplines, climbers and multiply, accelerating degrees of difficulty. At the same time, many brands are specialised in the manufacturing of climbing equipment to respond effectively to the demands of the discipline and the expectations of the climbers.

To begin the onslaught of rock walls, hiking, ice, or cliffs, it is important for practitioners to acquire technical equipment, and robust.

The carabiner is a tool used to connect the equipment to belay and assist in the progress of the climbers on their routes. For maximum security, it is equipped with a screw top, or sometimes spring to avoid accidental opening. The carabiner allows you to perform manipulations with both technical and fluid, very appreciated during passage of rope or knots.

The quickdraw is an integral part of the climbing equipment and, more particularly, in the belay system. With a part of strap stitched and a carabiner at each end, the quickdraw is used by climbers to reduce the draw, and the friction at their progress. Hanging from the climbing harness, the quickdraws facilitate manipulation techniques to the anchors. All two easy to hang on the harness, throw yourself on the tracks and use your straps climbing to triangulate the relay or to ensure your climbing companion.


Before you begin the conquest of the cliffs and long routes, think of to hang to your harness to the 6 pack quickdraws BLACK DIAMOND FREEWIRE. Ideal for grimpes in nature, they ensure manoeuvrability, lightness and performance. Move in easily while staying focused on the road. The 6 pack quickdraws the CAMP ORBIT will also be very much appreciated to connect the anchor points in any fluidity. Very busts, these quickdraws will accompany you up to the top with quality equipment.

The quickdraw BEAL PULP QUICKDRAW will ensure you have a manipulation with a single finger to save you time and confidence on your path. Thanks to the system Rubbiner, the pulls out PULP, you will always remain in the axis and climb the walls easily.

For relays, the anchor line or descent, the carabiner of the BLACK DIAMOND POSITRON will be appreciated for its lightness and its handiness. Thanks to its security system, it will guarantee you a increase in confidence to relate easily to the anchors. For a profile a more rounded, go for the carabiner CAMP HMS COMPACT. This snap hoop is convenient for switch nodes, large or double ropes when abseiling.

Whatever your next climbs, never leave home without your equipment for it to evolve on the path smoothly and check out all our climbing accessories for maximum sensations !

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