For the conquest of the rock walls, and climbing the precipitous, it is essential to have a technical equipment adequate. The rope is part of the essential accessories to have when we practice rock climbing indoor or outdoor, but also for mountaineering. Alone or with a companion on the rope, the rope is the link between the ground and the climber. In effect, it allows us to ensure the climber's head and allow the second climber to operate safely in the rope.

There are two types of strings, as we practice climbing, outdoor, sport climbing, or even mountaineering. First of all, the single rope is recommended for all beginners, in the classroom, in a cliff or wall sleeves. Up to 80 metres in length, single rope, consisting of a single strand, is ideal for climbs requiring no abseiling.

The double rope, up to 100 meters, is used by the climbers on great routes and abseiling. The benefits of this rope are the reduction of the circulation and of the impact force on the points. Lightest single ropes, they climb up to the two with a weight better distributed. Single rope or double rope, take them with you in a bag of string or hang it easily to the harness with the other climbing straps.

CLIMBING ROPES : climbing safely

For short routes, go check out the BLACK DIAMOND rope 9.4 70M. Ideal for your outings casual indoor or outdoor, it offer you lightness, performance and sustainability. This single rope is especially popular in a cliff to its sheath robust, and its comfort of use. The BEAL rope STINGER II is also a single rope. Designed for climbers of a high level, it will guarantee you an energy gain to the clipping and abrasion resistance.

Side double rope, you will appreciate the CAMP rope SPECTRUM. With the possibility of using single-and paired it with a specific treatment to resist moisture and dust. The double rope ISOTOP it will also be appreciated on longer routes for shipments on the snowfields. Designed to withstand dust, humidity and abrasion, it also protects climbers in the event of landslides and will be up at the top safely.

Created especially for the enthusiasts of mountaineering, the MILLET rope RUBIX TRX will allow you to rope with reliability and safely. Recommended for hiking in glacier, it has a hydrophobic treatment and you will provide smoothness and longevity.

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