Climbing Helmet

Amateur or experienced, the safety when you practice a sport is essential, and more especially in climbing. Mountaineering, sport climbing, or climbing on the cliff, the discipline outside requires requirement and security. To move confidently on your path, wearing a helmet is essential.


Technical and committing, the ascents in climbing requires flexibility, mental concentration and endurance. Regardless of your mastery of the track or the route, the progression ensures with high-quality technical equipment to climb safely. Fall small stones, fake movement, impact, there are many factors to shocks to the head.

But how to choose effectively climbing helmet ? A climbing helmet that meets the requirements of multiple activities such as mountaineering, via ferrata , or waterfall ice. It is important to take into account several criteria; the weight, the vents, the clamping and safety. ABS shell, shell, polycarbonate, foam EPP, the weight varies according to the level of comfort that you are in search of. In addition, aeration is also a criterion of comfort. Breathability keeps you dry throughout your climb, while protecting you from the sun and shock.

Then, the ease of setting is an essential aspect in the choice of a helmet. Using a roulette wheel, or a tab, the headset should easily adjust without the aid of the chin strap. Finally, safety is paramount when practicing vertical. The climbing helmet should cover the skull, while offering a field of vision adequate.

Regardless of your practice of climbing, never neglect the importance of wearing a helmet in order to evolve safely on your way. Just as important as the climbing shoes, the helmet will allow you to gain in performance with confidence.


Approved for mountain sports (alpinism), the helmet CAMP VIA FERRATA ROCKSTAR has been designed for those interested in the routes of rock, and routes sometimes acrobatic ! With a robust shell and a ventilation system, it you safety and comfort for your outdoor activities.

For the long routes, check out the BLACK DIAMOND climbing helmet VECTOR. Thanks to its vents generous, it will always get you the highest comfort. Very lightweight, it has a EPS foam co-molded polycarbonate to reduce weight while maximizing safety.

For young climbers, you can't climb without protection ! The climbing helmet CAMP TITAN will ensure reliability and strength. Ideal for keeping the head cool, it has vents to the side and his ABS shell will be a true shield in the face of potential impacts.

Whatever your practice, climbing on cliffs, via ferrata or mountaineering, play safe and opt for the helmet to grow with any confidence. And don't forget all of the recommended hardware for climbers : harnesses, magnesia bag...

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