Ascents in the mountains, blocks of artificial, mountain climbing, the discipline of climbing that encompasses several practices. The first feats in altitude back to the end of the 19th century. Originally, rock-climbing refers to the ascents of mountaineers on high peaks. This discipline represents the willingness of practitioners to go beyond its possibilities and to push the limits. During the 20th century, the equipment is changing, and the climbers to gain performance and increase their goals. We must wait 80 years for a democratization of the climbing and practice more free. Today, the discipline encompasses several practices, and we see the arrival of a new generation of climbers, always more fond of ascents and evolution on the tracks.


Blocks, cliffs, glaciers, regardless of the field of play and exploration, rock climbing is a demanding discipline that requires a technical equipment to operate safely.

The harness, also called sling, is used as well in indoor as in outdoor. Regardless of the level of the climber, the harness is the most important equipment for the practice. It is used to hang on to the climb, on any type of track. Comfort, security, stability, door-hardware, the benefits of a harness are numerous.

First of all, the harness has the function to suspend you while ensuring a certain freedom of movement. Featuring a belt and straps, it supports you by providing you with lightness, security and strength. Then, throughout your way, you'll need multiple tools depending on the obstacles that you will encounter. The harness will take the role of gate-material. Easy to access, they cling easily to the belt to allow you to win in comfort and practicality. Carabiners, quickdraws, climbing ropes, straps, hook all of your equipment to reach the tops without any discomfort.


Rock climbing, tree climbing, via ferrata, mountaineering, there is a harness to suit every requirement and expectations of the climbers. Comfortable, lightweight, and rugged, it fits in the hips and thighs to give you a maximum of freedom and help you reach the heights.

To marry the best women's morphology, the brand specialized in equipment for outdoor have created a safety especially for the female.

The BEAL harness CAME to cater to climbers of good level looking to improve their performance. Lightweight and robust, he prefers the comfort thanks to the technology Dynamic Fit that offers a perfect fit in the thighs. The harness BEAL also ensures an optimal distribution of pressure on the hips and the thighs for a maximum of freedom. The harness BLACK DIAMOND MOMENTUM has been designed for climbers versatile who climb indoor and outdoor. It ensures an effective distribution of loads with an insert support on the waist belt and a construction that is Dual Core. Easily adjustable, it also wicks moisture for maximum comfort.

For beginners in the dining room or in via ferrata, the climbing harness CAMP TOPAZ will optimize the padding to be introduced in total comfort. Lightweight and easily adjustable, it features a mesh fabric to transport moisture and keep the focus on its objectives. For all fans of sport climbing, opt for the BLACK DIAMOND harness SOLUTION HARNESS. Designed for long paths and the cliffs, it responds effectively to the requirements of the discipline. The technology Merger Comfort™ optimizes the distribution of the costs while promoting the safety and gestures.

Because there is no age to introduce more young people to the delights of climbing, choose a harness full privileging the comfort and the security.

The harness BLACK DIAMOND MOMENTUM KID'S FULL BODY has been designed in order to provide comprehensive support to young climbers. Lightweight and easy to put on, it surrounds efficiently their body to accompany them all along the way.

On blog, on cliffs, sport climbing, via ferrata, regardless of your discipline, you will definitely need a harness to accompany you !

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