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Essential accessories when you hike, the hiking poles are an integral part of the equipment of a hiker. Delivering stability and aid the crossing of obstacles, they are versatile and are involved in the reduction of muscle fatigue. In fact, thanks to the trekking poles, the weight is better distributed and the arms are a real support to limit the load on the joints. On steep hills as on flat ground, on uneven terrain or on a road, the benefits of hiking poles are widely recognized.

Structuring the cadence, accompanying every step and bringing stability and flexibility, these are the advantages of hiking poles. Whether you're a fan of nordic walking or a long hike in the altitude, the walking sticks are essential to increase endurance, to retain the weight of the body to the descent and to conquer the steep climbs.

There are different types of hiking sticks; folding, telescopic and monobrins. The sticks folding are recommended for trekking and hiking. Easy to carry, they adapt to all terrain. The hiking poles telescopic are convenient because you only need to adjust the size to the climb as the descent. Finally, hiking poles monobrins are designed for nordic walking. Robust, they musclent the top of the body while increasing the endurance of the athlete.


For a ratio of weight / maneuverability ideal, check out the trekking poles. The C3 CARBON, LONG GRIP have been designed for summer excursions. Very light and easy-to-use, 3-wire enable to conquer every terrain and improve his stamina for the climb as the descent. Very comfortable, thanks to their handles in foam, it folds quickly and hold on to your backpack to take with you anywhere. When the walking sticks trekking poles EXPLORER, they will be enjoyed during your outings outdoor thanks to their resistance to any test.

Specializing in equipment for outdoor and trail running, the brand RAIDLIGHT revolutionizes your walks through a model 3 blades, the VERTICAL CARBON 3. These RAIDLIGHT hiking poles allow you to progress on any terrain thanks to the strands of carbon and grommets versatile. For use in any season, check out the sticks RAIDLIGHT AVATARA HYBRID. Their different nozzles allow you to enjoy a beautiful hike in summer but also snowshoeing in the winter.

Recommended for hiking at high altitude as trekking, telescopic poles LEKI will accompany your every step. Thanks to its 3 strands, they will relieve your joints in the descent and will help you to climb the highest peaks. For nordic walking, the LEKI hiking sticks PASSION will meet your expectations. Combining lightness, optimum transmission of energy and strength, no ground you stand !

For your next trekking and your trekking, equip yourself with the FERRINO poles SPANTIK. Designed for the practicing experts, they provide lightness and durability and reliability. The 5-ply folding are easily adjustable thanks to system Lock&Go. Their grip anti-slip offering excellent grip and adhesion in any event.

In any season, conquer the heights with BLACK DIAMOND hiking poles ALPINE CARBON CORK. Their strands made with 100% carbon fiber are recommended for long hikes. Both light and resistant, they allow you to tackle the terrain more steep and more rugged.

In summer as in winter, CAMP hiking poles enhance your stability on all terrain. Technical and efficient, they reduce the load on joints and increase endurance. Easily foldable, they prevail in all your excursions !

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