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Just like the MTB helmet, the mask allows you to stay focused on the track and ride with confidence. In mountain bike, to take to the tracks of the ATV, negotiate turns and maneuver around obstacles, it is necessary to demonstrate commitment. So, it is vital for the driver to be able to anticipate the reliefs and not be bothered by the dust in order to gain confidence. Thus, the specialized brands in equipment for outdoor and mountain-biking have created masks of mountain BIKING especially for the discipline. Protects from weather, dust and accumulated moisture, the masks allow drivers to stay focused on the track.

Regardless of the weather conditions, in order to understand the mountain BIKING trails, it is essential to have a accessory that optimizes the visual field. Mud, dust, sand, pebbles, speed mountain bike can cause the projection of natural elements, resulting in a loss of confidence in the driver. Protecting from the outside elements as well as rays of the sun, the mask of mountain BIKING is the best ally of the drivers, regardless of the time.


In the enduro as a downhill, an optimal view is necessary for a good understanding of the field. Guided by the view, the movements of the drivers are going to affect their commitment. It is in this context that the masks of mountain BIKING participate in the performance of the riders. Insulation of the external elements and protecting it from the sun, the mask of mountain BIKING provides a field of vision and a greater piloting comfort is second to none.

The FOX MTB goggle HAND MASTAR has been designed to face any type of terrain. Its foam with closed cells protect you against trails the more sandy and dusty. Thanks to its silicone band, the mask will remain in place during the entire descent.

The KENNY RACING goggle seduce the drivers for the quality of its screen. Ideal for cross-country, it will allow riders to enjoy the BIKE trails and in bad weather. Its triple density foam provides a very visual comfort and effective removal of the moisture.

Specialized in the equipment of extreme sports, the OAKLEY brand has created the mask ATV CRAWBAR MX. Featuring a built-in stones, it provides a field of vision, and visual clarity is unmatched.

Hyper design, the 100% MTB goggle RACECRAFT combines technical prowess, quality materials and comfort. Its foam triple thickness will allow you to chain the descents while remaining focused on the obstacles and keeping the control of the trajectories. Its removable nose guard will be a true shield for brave the elements outside.

No matter what your discipline, do you have a real experience to ride with a MTB goggle offering vision, comfort and protection. mountain bike gloves or bicycle tyres, check out all of our MTB accessories on our site !

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