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Regardless of the model that one chooses, the under-garment is an essential to our daily lives and this, for centuries. In Ancient Rome, the roman were already underneath to contain their breasts. It is in the Renaissance that the term lingerie came with the particular birth of the corset. The Belle Epoque at the beginning of the 20th century, is the symbol of the frivolity and the creation of under-clothing very feminine-boosting the textile industry. But the First World War put an end to this frivolity and mobilize the industry to make underwear more comfortable for the soldiers. In the course of the 20th century, the decades see all kind of fashion clothing and ladies underwear.

Today, comfort and quality are the two criteria most sought after in the act of buying underwear. The sports socks with the shorts, each garment to an associated function, and every woman can find the one who will respond the most to its expectations.


For sporting activities, it is imperative to feel comfortable in the underwear so that nothing impedes the movements of the body. To exceed and achieve its objectives, the under-clothes of sport such as the sport bra should be like a second skin, without compromising on style !

The brand SUPERDRY has created a collection of shorts, both comfortable and colorful. Their elasticated waist allow them to stay in place and will follow each of your movements. The SUPERDRY shorty ATHLETIC will be your best ally to ensure you an incomparable comfort throughout your day.

To boost your sports performance and make you feel comfortable during your workouts, it is important to choose a bra for sport, bringing you the necessary support for your sports activity. The KARI TRAA sport bra has been designed to give you an amazing keeps of your physical activity. Ultra-feminine, it fits perfectly the forms of your chest while ensuring a comfortable fit throughout your session. The impact of sport SUPERDRY STUDIO CROSS is ideal for your runs in the morning along the beach. Super trend, he will accompany you to your yoga sessions in front of the ocean while following each of your movements with its stretch fabric. The X-BIONIC sport bra ENERGIZER is without seams to ensure a continued flawless. Ideal for winter sport activities, it regulates your body temperature and wicks moisture to ensure you a great comfort.

Before going on vacation, don't forget to slip into your suitcase the SUPERDRY panties NAVY STRIPE. Their nautical prints and palm trees will be perfect for you feel already on vacation !

For the sport, for your daily or for just being cute under your clothes, check out all the designs and prints of ladies underwear at the best prices on our website.

And to complete your wardrobe, be sure to also look at our collections of ladies socks !

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