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Essential accessory of daily use, the sock is an essential part of the wardrobe. Become real fashion accessories, socks completely, subtly but cleverly our outfit. Necessary to wear shoes, socks are diversified for all occasions, socks sport, socks, socks, mid-high, socks for skiing ...

In the Middle Ages, the socks were a symbol of social status, it's the ladies off that knit and the trade secret remains secret. In the 16th century the first knitting machine made its appearance, and the first factories were born in France. Industrialization in Europe is involved in the mass production and lower costs and thus to the democratization of socks. Today, the socks are adopted by all, and available to meet every expectation of the consumer.

Today, ladies socks diversify, and play with patterns and colors to match perfectly with each of your outfits. United, bi-colores, with reinforcements or not, the socks provide comfort and style for every occasion.


For the love of the great outdoors and lovers of hiking and women's running socks brand THYO are ideal to accompany you to achieve your goals. Patented by podiatrists the sports, the socks THYO offers you ventilation and comfort avoiding blisters and chafing so that nothing stops you to reach the summits ! Socks STANCE stain your feet and provide you comfort and optimal cushioning for your outdoor activities. With reinforcements on critical areas, nothing will slow you down when hiking.

Because he can be tidy up the socks, check out of cute prints for you to put your ankle in value and brighten up your feet ! The ladies socks offer a variety of style and elegance without compromise with the quality. The SUPERDRY socks SAIL AWAY invites you to new horizons with nautical prints original. Go towards new adventures with a neat style to the feet !

Practical and discreet, the socks ankle are ideal to go unnoticed in your shoes. Transparent, solid or printed, these mini-socks are in accord with your style of the day, while protecting the foot without being noticed ! For your everyday or your sporting activities, SUPERDRY socks SD SPORT have been designed to give you maximum comfort with every movement thanks to their elasticity and their reinforcement on the ankle.

That you are in search of socks discrete, practical, breathable, functional and original, the socks féminisent our outfit, elongate our silhouette and give more s and of gaiety to our feet !

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