Tank Top Woman


The centerpiece of the summer when the high temperatures are here, the ladies top is the top ideal to combine comfort and style. Easy to match with all your outfits, the tank top woman will put your silhouette in value in the city as at the beach !

The first t-shirt without sleeves first appeared in the 1860s in the heart of the capital. The workers working in the Halles of Paris wear sweaters to combat the wind but it is neither comfortable or practical to wear, as the sweater prevents full freedom of movement. A worker has the idea to cut the sleeves of his sweater. Seduced by the cutting, the hosier Marcel Eisenberg decided to produce this model in the mass to facilitate the work of the workers and gives it its name, Marcel. In the course of the 20th century, the soldiers adopt in their turn the tank top and then, after the Second World War, the appearance of the major holidays in France will democratize the port of the marcel. Today, marcel is no longer a simple garment of outside work but a model adopted by the male sex and feminine. Loose cut, small straps, back swimmer, cutting neat, the tank top is now sexy and reveals your beautiful tanned skin and your figure is athletic during the summer period !



Indispensable to enjoy a summer of stylish comfort and to face the strong heat, the tank top can be worn daily, on the beach or for a night out. Casual, elegant, sensual, the tank top can be worn for any occasion and offers a nice alternative to the women's t-shirt. To win in movement and in style, check out all the ladies vests to match with all your outfits.

This summer, SUPERDRY has created a collection of vests with printed subtle and cuts treated. The SUPERDRY tank top TRACKSTER and its floral print is a true call to the holiday. A colourful piece and casual to wear anywhere. The tank top SKY SCRAPER plunges you into the urban world with a trendy design that offers you a style of sportswear and casual. Want to tropical beaches ? The tank top SURF CLUB invites you on the beaches of california and will provide you with a surfer style perfect for this summer ! Declining seafood and vegetables, SUPERDRY has created the tank top STRIPE SLOGAN that is both sophisticated and ultra-trendy.

PICTURE ORGANIC has created tops very feminine for this summer, and respectful of the environment, with the PICTURE ORGANIC tank top BASEMENT JUNGLE. Has tie on the side, it will unveil skillfully your lovely tanned skin ! The FISHER will be very easy to match with your outfits and will accompany you on all your summer adventures, fishing, surfing... The tank top MELLOW is inspired by the vintage and brings a breath of freshness in your wardrobe. Under the palm trees, wear an on-trend style and design while luxuriating under a cooking sun.

The RIP CURL tank top has been a staple of the summer thanks to its suede lace cut and casual. This summer, wear proudly the values of surfing !

For a look more sportswear, the ABK tank top will accompany you in all your sporting efforts with elegance and practicality. Made from organic cotton, ABK created clothes that are more respectful of the environment comfort to the limit.

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