In perpetual renewal, the pants man has cuts and various tissues varied to meet each of the expectations of the male. Adapting to every situation and circumstance, the pants can be jeans, a chino, or a tracksuit. This last category has expanded rapidly in recent years with the creation of jogging "fancy" for the daily.

Historically, the jogging pants were worn by athletes for its practicality ; covering the apparel, it is easy to remove and put back in order to avoid that the muscles cool down after the effort. The first tracksuits made their appearance at the summer Olympics of 1924 and the term as we know it today "jogging" is imagined in 1940 to refer to the heating of a competitive athlete (" jog ", meaning to trot). The sweat pants was adopted very quickly by all the competitors, male and female.

It was in 1964 that the ADIDAS brand popularized the tracksuit with jogging casual, worn for leisure and not reserved for competitive athletes.

Fashion designers have always been interested in the link that there was between the sport and the fashion, and it is Coco Chanel the first who created a suit of women's sport the " yachting pants ". In the 80s, the designers compliment the tracksuit by asking stars who combine jogging with fashion accessories (belt, scarf). It democratizes the wearing of the tracksuit and makes it elegant. It is to this period that is born style sportswear.

The 90's and early 2000's upset again the story of the tracksuit with the style of hip hop and Rnb who advocate dissent and freedom of expression. The music artists follow one another and jogging is becoming more diversified with new fabrics and accessories (velvet, glitter, bling-bling).

Since the year 2010, the jogging man , has transformed with the arrival of a whole new style : the sporstwear chic. A neat design, a sophisticated aesthetics, cuts worked, the jog becomes a pants full that can be worn everyday, while remaining stylish.

The warm-up to the classy style, the jogging has gone through the decades to become today a model essential to the wardrobe.


That you are in search of a jog to her workout or to relax and enjoy a private pampering session, jogging in any season and adapts to all shapes and sizes.

SUPERDRY has created a collection of jogging to meet all expectations and offer you comfort and a dynamic look in all circumstances. The jogging SUPERDRY MASTER BRAND and its cut pair of skinny jeans will highlight your athletic silhouette and will be ideal to recover after an effort sport. The joggers TRACKSTER LITE and his writings vintage on the side is both comfortable and easy to wear after skiing. Jogging CORE APPLIES BASEBALL is a nod to the teams in an american university. Thanks to its elasticated waist, move freely during your outdoor activities while preserving the warmth of your muscles after the effort.

The jogging OAKLEY remain securely in place thanks to their adjustable waist and stretch material while removing effectively the moisture to give you incredible comfort throughout your session of sport.

Eco-responsible, the jogging PICTURE ORGANIC CHILL has been designed, as its name indicates, for chiller between friends and recover after sport. Very comfortable and easy to wear on a daily basis, you will not be able to separate !

To wear during the warm-up, during your session, " for sport or for chiller, jogging is today a men's pants full to wear them at will !

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