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Pants as we know it today was invented in ancient china to facilitate the movements of the riders. In the rest of the world, the birth of the first pants is also related to the practice of the horse. In Europe, it was not until the 15th century to the trousers makes his appearance, first in the Middle Ages and then to the Revolution brought by the "sans-culottes" to oppose the nobility. Then, little by little, the pants are worn by all workers around the world to facilitate their movements, and the robustness of the fabric.

The pants is also the symbol of the emancipation of women, through sport, in particular for cyclists. At the beginning of the 20èpme century, some of the actresses dare to show himself in public with pants, thus causing shock. But after the Second World War, the fashion designers incorporate the pants of women in their creation and collection to bury the "dictatorship" of the skirt.

The pants is now a basic, both in men than in women. Whatever your style, every personality can find a pair of pants that reflect its values.



Great classic men's wardrobe, the pants man takes many different forms in order to respond to its first vocation : to be the basis of your outfits everyday as for special occasions.

Diversifying the fabrics, the shapes and the comfort, the pants man meets each of the expectations of consumers and continues to be renewed in order to follow the fashions and trends.

The staple of the daily newspaper is, of course, the men's denim. If the original jean was worn by labourers and workers for its robustness, the denim is now a staple that can be found in all the wardrobes. Version washed-out, torn, simple, plain, denim is the symbol of the urban fashion. Very easy to match with any outfit, it ensures you a casual style to wear in any season.

This summer, to combine elegance and casual style, the chino pants man will be ideal in the city as at the beach. Lightweight and easy to wear, it will highlight your silhouette. Adopted by adventurers for their comfort and casual look, he also wears on a daily basis to go to the office without neglecting elegance.

If you are looking for a pant that is functional, check out the cargo pants with multiple pockets so two mid-thighs. To keep your personal items at hand without cluttering a bag, the cargo is both comfortable thanks to its loose cut and convenient to carry only the necessary in your travel.

For your sporting activities or for your day pampering, embrace the men jogger. Its elasticated waist and wide cut is so comfortable to wear that you will never want to remove it.

Whatever your style, opt for a pants man according to the seasons and your personality. Check out all the pants available on our website Precision Ski.

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