Imagined and designed at the origin for the practice of surf, the boardshort is today present on all the beaches and worn as well by men as women. During the 50 years, the discipline of surfing is increasingly popular, and its practitioners were primarily seeking a maximum of comfort to be able to move freely. They are made by hand, shorts above the knee, with pants of the sailor's traditional. It is in a small store of Hawaii as a tailor and his wife put on to make shorts exclusively for surfing, in cotton, with wide seams.

In the 60s, the tourism explodes in Hawaii and surfers from around the world come to confront the waves of the island and take the opportunity to visit the famous tailor, M. Nii to provide the shorts ideal for surfing. The creations are becoming more aware of brands and are then put to create boardshorts by placing the product on the front of the stage to the surf culture.

The 70's have seen the first boardshorts made of nylon, offering players much more freedom of movement. This is the brand Quiksilver, which will feature in the first a wide range of models customized that is closest to the practice of surfing.

At the other end of the globe, surfing is gaining popularity, in particular Australia, where the brand Rip Curl is created. Creating boardshorts in their hut on the beach, the creators of the brand and refine the required to surf to earn in the technique of gliding. Billabong starts to turn on the market with fabrics that are resistant to larger waves that exist. It is in the 80s that the boardshort is becoming more international with brands that sponsor the riders at the world championships of surfing.

Today, the boardshort is no longer worn by surfers, but by all those who wish a short bathroom of comfortable, following each of their movements, and resistant to irritation. The boardshort is still today the core values of surfing : the freedom, the hut at the edge of the beach, the sharing ...


In the closet the speedos ! The summer is fast approaching and it is time to get his suitcase not forgetting the basics : the boardshort. Combining material very comfortable to the surfer style, the success of the boardshort is more to do. Regardless of the activity that you practice (surfing, kite surfing, body board ...), the boardshort has been designed to follow each of your movements to give you a maximum of freedom. Featuring a quick-drying, the boardshort is a mix to be the bermuda shorts and the shorts. Worn at the beach or in the city, this clothing lifestyle to illustrate the values of the surf will make you look young and trendy.

Whether you are looking for a boardshort man or a boardshort woman, check out our men's shorts original design and adopt for this summer the surf spirit on the beach or in the city ! Boardshort PICTURE ORGANICboardshort RIP CURL and the biggest brands !

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