In fact, the practice of " climbing " allows your body to spend while developing your strength and flexibility simultaneously. And you will develop your mental capacities to solve the problems of everyday life. The climbing is seeking all of the muscles of your body, your arms and your legs while strengthening your core. Climb, will provide you with a feeling of escape, releasing all the tensions that your body can contain the daily. Free your mind and put on your climbing shoes from the onslaught of an escalation path that will enable you to exceed.


Rock climbing or mountain climbing is not without risk. It is essential to be equipped with the quality material , trusting to the specialty brands. That one climbs on the rock, on a rocky outcrop, in a voice difficult, or on a stop at the top of a mountain, wearing the climbing helmet is essential. We are not in the shelter of a rock fall caused by other climbers or by animals upstream. Security is a major factor to take into account when you're climbing. Since you yourself are responsible for the safety of your co-climbs, and vice versa. Therefore, you must choose the best equipment insurance with a rider of quality, carabiners and quickdraws solid and sturdy. In mountaineering you will need to surely you equip ice axes, a bag of climbing and harness light for your ascension. The choice of the climbing rope is also important, that you are in a glaciated area or in the big ways you will need to choose the rope adequate that will protect you in the event of a fall or slip. Because nature remains a dangerous site, do not practice ever activity Outdoor and hiking without a solid safety equipment. You will be able to supplement your equipment of a climber by opting for the magnesia to have the best grip on the rock as possible, straps and long to ensure as well as a small pair of gloves for climbing especially designed for this activity.

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