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The winter clothes and more specifically ski clothing have technical characteristics not to be overlooked. To clean, to preserve the impermeability and durability, it is essential to use clothing wash. For example, fleece is a textile fibre synthetic, which possesses the capacity of thermal insulation is very effective against the winter cold. Very resistant, it dries quickly and regulates body temperature. Its properties are protected through washing efficient and specific.


The TOKO laundry ECO DOWN WASH down jacket is ideal for taking care of your quilted jackets. This lye green will take care of the jackets containing goose down and wool merinos. Deep cleaning, it will retain the isolation of the products and protect the fibers.

For all breathable garments, use the laundry TOKO ECO WASH. Ideal for functional clothing and sports apparel, this cleanser will retain their technical properties such as membranes GORE-TEX®.

PRODUCTS garment care NIKWAX

The cleaning kit NIKWAX TWIN PACK will be the best ally of your technical clothing. Cleaning, replacing and improving the impermeability of your breathable fabrics, this kit revitalizes also the breathability of your technical fabrics. Combining lye and water repellent, it will repel moisture and fight against the absorption of water out of your clothing for a winter dry and warm.

Recommended for your sleeping bags and your clothing containing down, check out the NIKWAX down proof. Maintaining the insulation of your technical clothing, this cleanser rebooste the dwr finish and increases the durability of your tissues. Reducing the risk of tearing, it is also an excellent revitalizing water of breathability.


Designed in high quality leather, the TIMBERLAND hiking shoes requires regular maintenance to protect you in winter. The cleaning kit TIMBERLAND DRY CLEANING KIT effectively removes the dirt and remove stains on the leather. Thanks to its cleaner and its brush, you can find shoes like new without effort.

To improve the durability of your shoes, opt for the balm protector TIMBERLAND BALM PROOFER. Protecting against stains and repel water, it meets the breathability of the fabric while deep cleaning your shoes.

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