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What is a neck warmer?

A neck warmer is a tubular piece of clothing that goes through your head and is held at neck level to keep you warm. Depending on the model, it may be of a certain length so that it can be pulled up over the cheeks and nose. This accessory is also completed with Volcom neckwarmersRaidlight headbands and caps to keep your head out of the cold.

The neck wrap should not be confused with the scarf which is a strip of fabric wrapped around the neck. It keeps us warm and yet it can be cumbersome once we are on the trail.

Why wear a neck warmer?

The neck warmer is comfortable at first, but you forget about it as soon as it is placed around your neck. On the other hand, it's also practical, because you only need to put it on and it will effectively wrap around your neck as well as your mouth, nose and cheeks. A quality neck warmer is also made of a warm, soft, waterproof and sweat-repellent fabric. It also has many functionalities, as it can be used as a cap and bonnet, like the buff neck warmer.

The different types of neck cover

Buff neck cover

Buff is a brand of ski clothing and accessories. It has developed a versatile, seamless tubular neck warmer that is more than just a classic neck warmer. Of course, it will protect your neck from the cold and bad weather, but also from the sun's rays. With its soft fabric, this garment can be arranged in many different ways. For example, you can pull it up at the back for good neck and ear protection. In very cold weather, lift up the bottom and cover the nose to form a bonnet revealing only the eyes. It is also possible to transform it into a hat.

In summer, wrap it around your head like a blindfold and it will absorb sweat effectively. It can also be transformed into a durag or Saharan headgear. If you don't want to keep it around your head, simply use it as a wristband! All in all, this equipment is multifunctional and can be used in any season. In fact, the Buff choker is also a summer neck cover that you will enjoy using during sports activities such as running, trail running, cycling, rock climbing, etc.

The necklace

The neckband is a traditional neck warmer that is worn around the neck. Some models only cover this part of the body. If you want to wrap the lower part of the face, you will be happy with Picture neckwarmers.

The neckband is often made of a soft textile such as fleece. It wicks moisture away effectively, so you will not be bothered by sweat during exercise. Some models already have a mask for the nose. Others have a hood to protect your head from the cold. Models that are not elastic are equipped with an adjustable cord or velcro strap so that they fit tightly around the neckline.

What materials are the neck warmers made of?

  • Polyester, which is very soft and warm and dries quickly. It can be combined with elastane so that it passes easily through the head and fits snugly around the neck. Buff neck warmers, for example, are elastic and can be handled in many different ways.
  • Wool: this natural and breathable material keeps you warm. It is also light and hypoallergenic.
  • Merino wool is soft, fine and supple. It effectively wicks away perspiration and does not promote unpleasant body odour.

The neck warmer, also a fashion accessory.

Just like headbands and ski caps, the neck warmer is also a fashion accessory that enhances your outfit and gives it a touch of originality. Any neck warmer for men or women can even have different prints and designs. You hesitate between several styles? Unisex models will suit all tastes.

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