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Choosing a trail jacket

Choosing the right jacket for trail running is crucial to ensure your comfort and safety during the effort. There are several types of jacket, each with different features and benefits. Here are some tips to help you choose the right trail jacket for your needs.

The first factor to consider is the weight of the jacket. A jacket that is too heavy can slow you down and make you tired, while a jacket that is too light may not provide enough protection from the elements. So it's important to find a balance between lightness and protection. Lightweight, breathable trail jackets are often best for fast runs, while heavier, more durable jackets are better for longer runs or tougher weather conditions.

The second important factor is the waterproofness of the jacket. If you plan to run in rain or wet conditions, it is essential to choose a waterproof jacket. Waterproof jackets are often made from technical materials such as Gore-Tex, which allow water to bead up on the surface of the jacket rather than penetrate the fibres. However, waterproof jackets often have limited breathability, which can cause excessive sweating.

The third factor is the breathability of the jacket. A breathable jacket allows moisture to escape from your body, which can help regulate your body temperature and prevent overheating. Breathable jackets are often made from technical materials such as Gore-Tex or eVent. It is important to find a balance between the waterproofness and breathability of the jacket.

The fourth factor is the fit and size of the jacket. It is important to choose a jacket that fits your body properly. A jacket that is too big can flap around and restrict your movement, while a jacket that is too tight can prevent you from breathing properly. It is also important to choose a jacket that offers freedom of movement, especially in the shoulders and arms.

Finally, it is important to choose a jacket with practical features such as pockets for energy bars, mobile phones or maps. Jackets with bonnets can also be useful to protect your head and face from wind and rain.

In conclusion, choosing the right jacket for trail running is essential to ensure your comfort and safety during the effort. By taking into account factors such as weight, waterproofing, breathability, fit and size, as well as practical features, you can find the trail jacket that best suits your needs.

Men's trail running jacket

The trail clothing is developed and optimised for your training and competition in the mountains and in the countryside. They are specially designed with breathable and flexible materials to give you the comfort and freedom of movement you need. Running clothes are distinguished by their comfort and technicality. The trail jacket must offer great freedom of movement to accompany the runner on the most demanding terrain. 

We have selected the best in trail clothing for you. Tank tops, short or long sleeve t-shirts, and waterproof jackets are both breathable and very light to offer you optimal comfort. In terms of bottoms, you can choose from shorts, corsairs and normal or ¾ leggings, all of which are extremely comfortable to wear.

The men's trail jackets are suitable for all body types. They efficiently wick away sweat to keep you dry and cool. Each garment is soft, light and often offers good elasticity, to give you complete freedom of movement. The men's trail jacket must be waterproof and breathable to keep you dry and cool. Often made of Gore Tex, it protects you from the elements so that you can enjoy running in all weathers. To choose your running jacket, follow the guide!

Trail running : men's jackets

The SCOTT men's running jacket is aimed at the most demanding sportsmen and women. Waterproof and breathable, it is the perfect ally for your high-altitude races. In all conditions, set out to conquer the steepest trails and beat all the times. The THE NORTH FACE trail jacket is a very useful windbreaker for rapid changes in weather conditions. With a water-pinning finish, it keeps you dry and cool during the sporty effort. The DYNAFIT ALPINE men's jacket is for all running enthusiasts. This windbreaker has different mesh mesh to optimize air circulation without any discomfort in your movements. This waterproof jacket will be ideal to protect you during unexpected weather changes.

In addutuib, the RAIDLIGHT men's trail jacket has been designed for training and mountain competitions. With multiple reinforcements in strategic locations, it's easy to carry in all your altitude adventures. This men's trail running jacket is ideal for boosting your performance and exceeding your limits.

Finally, the reversible trail jacket SALOMON DRIFTER MID SURF will be a great ally all year round. Very practical, it has Primaloft insulation to allow you to run even in the middle of winter. This trail running jacket will protect you in harsh weather conditions.

Discover also our women's trail jackets and all our trail accessories to have all the equipment you need for running.

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