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All nature lovers are turning to ski touring, to reconnect with the wide open spaces and virgin slopes. The alpine touring ski is designed to make your travel in the snow, fluid and enjoyable in all circumstances.

Your skiing hiking

Before you rush out in search of the ski-touring ideal, start by defining precisely your level and the type of hike that you want to practice. You will then be able to establish the profile of the ski that suits you the best. It will all depend on your expectations : performance, climb performance, descent or versatility ? Precision Ski will help you to clarify the question in order to choose the pack ski touring that will best meet your needs.

Your touring skis

The rise and effort are the characteristics you look for in cross-country skiing. In perfect communion with nature, you will need skis light-weight which you will mount with ease. By the way, this feather weight will make them more difficult to maneuver in high speed, and even the most experienced skiers won't feel the comfort of gliding moderate fresh snow.

This type of ski is perfect for trips of several days or a day, with ascents and descents of madness.

Your ski freerando

On the contrary, the followers of freerando seek the pleasure of the descent on virgin slopes. Even if brands are trying to take as much of this equipment for an ascension facilitated, they focus on their qualities to the descent.

In freerando skis mid-fat will be ideal for your performance in the powder.

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