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Choosing your ski touring equipment

Do you dream of a demanding, authentic and unusual adventure in total immersion in the wilderness? Ski touring could well be your next challenge. A sport with many facets, an intense journey and a privileged contact with the snow-covered landscapes await you. The selection of quality equipment and particular attention to safety are essential for a successful practice of ski touring.

What is ski touring?

Are you a winter sports enthusiast, an adventure lover and in great physical shape? The ski touring experience takes you to discover new worlds. Away from the crowded slopes and ski lifts, ski touring represents an opportunity to escape in the middle of 100% natural scenery. A real immersion in the snow-covered nature, in the harsh and splendid atmosphere of the frozen mountains. You will find the calm, solitude and beauty of the great outdoors while challenging your sporting skills in an ambitious experience. Thrills and fulfilment guaranteed!

The practice of ski touring is singularly different from traditional ski mountaineering. Inspired by hiking, the ski tourer makes all his or her journeys independently without using the ski lifts. In contrast to classic skiing, this sport discipline makes the ascents on skis. No need to use electricity, no dependence on the infrastructure of winter sports resorts, an opportunity to practice skiing in complete autonomy on new paths and in new scenery.

Mountain skiing is very demanding in terms of physical fitness and sporting skills. The ascents can be rough and some passages require walking on crampons with a pair of skis on your back. Ensuring the safety of a ski touring expedition is also a considerable challenge. When leaving the beaten track, there is a real risk of avalanches, overtiredness or losing your way. A sport to be reserved for skiers who are motivated, experienced, superbly equipped and in good health. Novices can also use a guide to test the experience in complete safety.

Why and how to ski touring?

There are many good reasons to go ski touring. The sporting and physical challenge is an interest in itself. Lovers of wild nature and solitude will not find a more fulfilling activity. This discipline is also in vogue in the ecological movement as it does not require a lot of electricity. It is also an opportunity to escape the crowds and queues of tourists. Ski touring offers you an unusual and intense experience, which differs from the usual winter holidays, and whose cost is much lower.

For the uninitiated, ski touring is a climbing and sliding sport. It is practised using specific equipment that differs from traditional skiing. The ski tourer does not use the ski lifts but climbs the ascents using sealskins which enable him to hold on to the ground. This makes it a completely autonomous activity which gives great freedom of itinerary to those who practice it. On the descents, the sealskins are removed to take full advantage of the slide. An alternation of dense physical effort in the ascents and unique pleasure in the descents on virgin slopes.

Ski touring can be practised on a daily basis or in a real multi-day stage tour. Linking one gîte to the other, it is then the opportunity for a long immersion in the mountains in remote and little frequented corners, a guarantee of an extraordinary experience.

However, ski touring cannot be improvised. It requires you to choose your specific equipment with great care. Quality ski touring equipment guarantees unforgettable sporting sensations and optimal safety. Neophytes will benefit from a first experience with an experienced mountain guide, to get acquainted with all the aspects of this demanding sport.

The quality of the equipment: pleasure and safety

High-performance equipment will allow you to experience the adventure of ski touring in optimum conditions and in complete safety.

  • The skis: to tackle the considerable challenge of ski touring, you will need a pair of skis and ski poles perfectly suited to the exercise. Précision Ski offers you ultra-light models for maximum climbing performance. Freerando skis are specially designed for virgin downhill runs. To combine the effort of the ascent with the fluidity of the descent, our collections also include versatile models.
  • Ski bindings: to attack uphill slopes on your skis, you need to choose specific bindings that free the heel and make the ascent easier. Precision Ski commercially light bindings suitable for ascents, stronger bindings for maximum safety on the downhill as well as multi-purpose bindings.
  • Ski touring boots: the selection of your boots will be a determining factor in your ski touring experience. Precision Ski has a full range of specialist boots with a walking position and the ability to attach crampons.
  • Crampon knives: in the perilous exercise of ski touring ascents, sealskins are an indispensable, but sometimes insufficient, accessory. On hard or frozen snow, crampon knives will give you better grip and more safety.
  • Rescue equipment: in wild landscapes far from civilisation, the risk of avalanches is unfortunately very present. In order to reduce the risks as much as possible, Precision Ski provides you with extremely useful safety products. The DVA is an electronic device that allows you to communicate your position. The use of a probe helps you to precisely identify the position of a person buried under the snow.
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