The skateboard is a mode of transport imagined in the 40s by surfers in California. Indeed, when the weather was not good, surfers could not enjoy the waves. So they had to find an alternative to feel the same ride. Developed mainly in California and Hawaii, skateboarding became increasingly popular in the United States and the first surf shops appeared in the 1960s with the very first skate contests.

Today, skateboarding has become a real lifestyle with strong values and a strong sense of freedom. Classic Popsicle, Old School or Modern, the different shapes of skateboarding offered today show the craze around this culture present everywhere in the world.

Many athletes have contributed to popularising the discipline and making skateboarding accessible to all. Among the best skateboarders of all time, we can obviously mention Tony Hawk, nicknamed the bird man. With the help of his skateboard, he became a pro at an early age thanks to his agility and willpower. The very first world champion, Tony Alva is also called the "godfather" of the discipline. Born in 1957, he is at the origin of many tricks that are still attempted today. But the women are also very well represented! Leticia Bufoni (3 times gold medallist at the X-Games), Lizzie Armanto or Alana Smith shine in their sport!


Since its popularization, skateboarding has not stopped evolving by diversifying the practices and the styles of boards. The so-called "traditional" board has a grip and wheels and is about 80 cm long. But where to buy a cheap skateboard? Go to Precision Ski! Our skateshop offers newschool and oldschool boards, cheap boards for all budgets. Find all our skateboard department with skateboard products for all levels!


To start, it is recommended to try the Cruiser, this mini-skateboard ideal for walking around town. Very easy to handle, it allows you to move quickly but without grip, be careful when going downhill! The Longboard appeared in the 70s and is a longer board than a classic skateboard. Its surf-inspired shape makes it possible to reproduce the movements on the waves and to reach good speed peaks. You can also enjoy great carving sessions with this versatile freeride board. 


Skateboarding or skate board, it doesn't matter how you call it! The important thing is to know how to tame the board. It is essential to have a good posture on your board, in order to gain balance and agility. At the front, place your foot parallel to the board between the screws. The back foot should be heel out. To be comfortable, it's best to have a good pair of skate shoes. VANS, ELEMENT, Precision Ski has selected a wide range of models for you to have a good grip sole. 


There are several techniques to brake on a skateboard. First of all, you can simply jump off the board, but be careful to catch the skateboard! Then, you can stop pushing, so the skateboard will lose speed. You can also make turns, which will prevent you from gaining speed in a straight line. Finally, you can slow down with your foot, which will reduce the speed due to the friction with the ground. 


The skate park is a real playground for all urban skateboarders. It is made up of different modules (wood, concrete, metal...). The pyramid and its 4 inclined planes allow you to ride from one plane to another thanks to the transfer. As for the ledge, it is a small wall that can be slid on which you can try several figures. The corner (or quarter) is a half ramp (as in skiing) and is ideal for doing half turns and gaining momentum, just like the inclined plane. The rail allows you to do slides in order to link up tricks and gain balance. The u-shaped ramp also offers a wide range of tricks. 


Whether you are a beginner or an expert, certain tricks have become emblematic in the world of urban skateboarding. Among the most famous tricks, the ollie is one of the basic tricks of the discipline. It consists in jumping and crossing obstacles without taking the board in hand. The frontside and the backside 180 are half-turns that are easy to combine with other tricks. As for the kickflip, it is a complete turn of the board in parallel with the ground. Finally, we can mention the grind, the slide or the shove-it. 


From the springboard to the ramp, the skatepark is composed of modules offering unique and intense experiences of urban sliding. To ride these artificial constructions representing urban structures, it is better to have the right equipment! On our website, you will find a selection of skateboard decks, skateboard wheels and skateboard boards. To make grinds or ollies, our complete skateboard packs will seduce you!

Offering a pop and vintage look, the 7.75" ELEMENT skateboard will seduce beginner riders. Ideal for anticipating each module in the skatepark, it allows you to quickly gain in balance and agility. This skateboard is both light and resistant and will be perfect for your urban trips. Moreover, from your first sessions, you can try your first tricks on the ramp!

The PEANUTS SQUAD skateboard wheels will not only allow you to customize your skateboard, but also to increase the durability of your equipment. All-terrain, you will be able to ride on steep pavements and take on the modules with confidence. In the city or in the skatepark, nothing will stop you! Find on our website all our skateboard wheels. 

Finally, the ALLEN HARDWARE screw kit is an essential accessory to always have on you. Composed of a set of bolts and nuts, you can modify the assembly of your board at any time and tighten when necessary. This way you take care of your equipment and improve the life of your skateboard.

Discover also all our GLOBE skateboards for your rides, your sessions at the skatepark and your daily trips.

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