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To get around independently without polluting the planet, urban gliding offers many means of transport. Modern, customisable and robust, discover our skateboards and longboards. Blowing a real wind of freedom on your daily life, skateboards guarantee unique sliding sensations and speed. For a session on the urban pavements or for a day at the skatepark, Precision Ski equips you!


Skateboarding was born in the 1940s on the West Coast of the United States. Designed by surfers in need of waves, the skateboard allows you to ride on asphalt while copying the feeling of surfing. Over the decades, the shape of the skateboard has evolved to offer new practices and adapt to new urban areas. For days at the skatepark, trying out tricks, skateboarding is for you! Ramp, ledge, springboard, take on the modules and enjoy a unique riding session!

For all the speed and thrill seekers, go for the longboard, also called "street surfing". This board, which is longer than a classic skateboard, allows you to ride down the asphalt at full speed! Its shape is similar to that of a surfboard, and it can be used for cruising or downhill, for a stroll or for a frantic descent. A new and intense experience awaits you! From 90 to 120 cm long, you can try tricks while enjoying an incredible surfing sensation. Not only is the longboard very stable even at high speeds, but it also guarantees incredible sensations and precision. Whether you're a casual rider or an experienced one, this is the board for you.


For explosive skate sessions, discover the 7.3" VOLCANIC board. This ELEMENT skateboard with its audacious graphics has many assets. Very versatile, you will be able to face the pavements as well as ride the ramps of the skatepark. This board can be ridden on the street but is also very efficient on rails and jumps.

The BANNER YEAR skateboard wheels are very robust and allow you to ride on all types of terrain. Resistant to any test, you will be able to ride the urban pavements and spend whole days at the skatepark on the various modules. And thanks to the PEANUTS SQUAD grip, it's impossible to slip! Easy to place, you will be able to customize your board while benefiting from a good grip with the sandpaper.

And for a complete equipment, discover all our models of skateboards and other accessories on the online skateshop! Skateboard screws, skateboards, all skateboard tools at the best price, but also a large selection of skateboard shoes.


Whether you're a goofy or regular skater, an ollie specialist or a trickster, you can enjoy your skateboard both in the street and in the skatepark. One of the disciplines is street, which means "the street". Street furniture and pavements are transformed into a playground where every skater expresses himself freely and takes public places by storm. Stairs, ramps, walls, benches, the skateboarder tricks, slides or grinds. Find all the street skateboarding equipment you need to slid on urban modules online.

As for the park, skateboarders move on the bowl, resembling a swimming pool without water, or on U-shaped ramps to vary the figures. Speed, height, vertiginous figures, the skatepark mixes originality and creativity. You will find a wide range of complete skateboard packs online, as well as all the skateboarding products you need to take on the modules!

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