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When you go camping, bivouac or trekking, it is important to choose your camping lamp. Front lamp, lantern, dynamo, pocket, solar... you have a wide choice. Depending on your needs, you will need to consider the power and distance of lighting, its range, its weight, its size and the different lighting modes to adapt the brightness to the activity. If you intend to travel at night, we advise you to opt for a headlamp, which will leave your hands free of all movements. Your camping lantern will also be useful in everyday life. It will set up an atmosphere during your evenings with friends or family, illuminate specific points during your DIY days or follow you in all your outdoor activities such as mountain biking, hiking or trail running.

Simple to handle, this type of flashlight is often lightweight and compact, allowing you to carry it wherever you go. 


The BLACK DIAMOND frontal is lightweight, waterproof and very practical. With a range of 80 meters, it allows you to move easily in the middle of the night. Compact, it takes you everywhere for your excursions in the middle of nature. The GOAL ZERO lantern is a graduated lighting with feet. A true source of energy, it turns light into electricity to recharge your phone battery. Install it on the ground and enjoy a stable and powerful light. Finally, the BIOLITE mini-lanterns will offer a very pleasant light for your evenings. With its USB adapter, plug it in easily wherever you are and enjoy these beautiful lights. en you want to adventure out in nature. But among all the models present on the market, it is sometimes difficult to find.

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