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To launch raids on unbridled and raise rise, it is necessary to feel comfortable in his clothes. The brand specialized in the design of equipment outdoor have created clothing that meet the requirements of the disciplines, as well as the expectations of drivers.


Short or long sleeve jersey?

A short-sleeved jersey is ideal in hot weather or for high-intensity enduro rides where you want better ventilation and maximum movement. On the other hand, a long-sleeved jersey is preferable in cooler conditions or for rides in rough terrain where you could injure your arms. Long sleeves offer extra protection against scratches, scrapes and scuffs from vegetation, and can also protect your arms from harmful UV rays. Finally, long-sleeved jerseys also offer extra thermal protection, making them ideal for trips to the mountains or in cooler weather.

Short sleeves or long sleeves, the shirts of mountain bikes are designed to offer riders comfort, breathability and freedom of movement. Practitioners enduro prefer the shirts close to the body, to optimize ventilation while the drivers of downhill will turn to shirts large who want the range of motion.

The X-BIONIC t-shirt EFFEKTOR short sleeve and featuring a zip on the entire length. This jersey high-tech will improve your performance when you follow uphill through the pressure exerted on the muscles. The shirt SCOTT regulates the body temperature and the flow of perspiration to keep you dry throughout your day ride.

Side long-sleeved, the MTB FOX jersey DEMO will be very appreciated by the drivers of downhill. With many of the panels in mesh, it offers you total freedom of movement while evacuating continuously the humidity. Reducing the risk of overheating, it provides comprehensive protection for the upper body and it will lead you to victory ! The jersey mountain BIKING FIRST RACING DATA will seduce more than one driver of two wheels. For enduro and freeride, it will be appreciated for its polyester micromesh ensuring comfort and quick drying. Protecting you from the outside elements, you will not pass unnoticed during the race !


Bib shorts, shorts de protection or pants mountain BIKE, the pilot's equipment is paramount to comfort and safety.

The bib shorts bike X-BIONIC EFFEKTOR BIKING POWER and its straps will offer you an amazing comfort with every release. Cooling, compression, faster recovery and increased energy, the bib shorts will be your best ally during the race. The bib shorts SCOTT is featuring a water repellent treatment protecting you effectively from the weather. With padding, it will allow you to face the obstacles safely.

The short protection FOX TITAN RACE is a weave alone. With foams on the thighs and I coccyx, it is designed for the downhill and freestyle. Light and very sturdy, nothing will stop you to get you started in a race, nor obstacles, nor the weather !

The MTB FIRST RACING pant DATA is with multiple inserts and elastic preformed knees. Ideal for downhill and cross-country, it will follow your every move to pass the finish line first ! Very comfortable, it is very durable and combines design and technique.

It is important to choose what to wear mountain BIKING in function of his practice, his level and consistency of outputs. For the rest of the equipment, take a look at our MTB goggles and our MTB protections !

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