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Enduro, downhill or cross-country, the obstacles you encounter on the trails are many. Rocks, branches, roots, these natural elements can cause a fall and result in damage to the equipment. To take full advantage of your out mountain BIKING, you can take away with you a wealth of tools versatile and functional.

The multi-tool, XLC Q-SERIES will be very easy to slip into your backpack. To deal with incidents, use one of the 8 functions of this multi-tool to fix your bike. Screwdriver, wrench, phillips-head, a veritable swiss army knife for the daredevils ! Very convenient, the repair kit TIP TOP has been designed for practitioners of downhill and enduro. Its many accessories will allow you to dismount a tire, to plug the holes, and many other manipulations of repair. Ultra strong, the mini pump ZEFAL is ideal to take on your outings mountain BIKING. Entirely in aluminum, it resists corrosion and allows cyclists to give breath to their tires.

In order to take effectively all of these props without the hassle, opt for a saddle bag XLC. Simple to fix, you will have quick access to your tools without having to feel any discomfort when driving.


In order to roll in any circumstance, to improve your experience as a driver and take on the natural elements, check out a variety of accessories, mountain bikes, as useful as a bike helmet or cycling gloves.

Very lightweight, the CAMELBAK backpack is a true road companion. Featuring a water pocket, it allows you to hydrate without taking my eyes off the mountain BIKE trail. The hydration is at hand ! In order to obtain a good support on the legs and gain balance, island st primal wear cycling shoes SCOTT. The ROAD COMP has been designed for cyclists on the road in search of a good maintenance of the foot and a breathable mesh fabric. Compatible with all types of pedals, these shoes will adapt to your morphology for a unique experience on the road. The bicycle speedometer SIGMA allows drivers to access in a blink of an eye to valuable data. Kilometres travelled, average speed, distance and much more.

To cope with the natural elements present on the road that could cause damage to your tires, check the air chamber MICHELIN AIRCOMP LATEX. Very resistant to puncture, take it when each output ATV.

On the road, through the woods or on a track, the ATV requires quality equipment to cope with unforeseen problems.

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